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Integration Center: the process within

August 19, 2021

Integration Center: the process within
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Customers and partners have been requesting more value-added services from Ingram Micro, and the Integration Center is a direct response to those needs.
Not only did the company deliver on those value-added services—they delivered best-in-class versions of them.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with John Marinick, Director, Sales & Integration Solutions at Ingram Micro, about:
  • The importance of the Integration Center
  • The brand-new virtual tour
  • How the center operates

The Integration Center

Located in California, the center is a state-of-the-art facility for the design, assembly, configuration and test of IT-related electronics. That includes network and server appliances, storage and hyperconverged solutions, and full racks.


OEMs can leverage the Integration Center for credit and supply chain management. The services allow them to funnel freed-up resources and working capital into development of their products and services.
“Our program management and engineering teams at Ingram serve as an extension to their business and can manage the entire go-to-market execution from design to procurement, to assembly, customization, delivery and warranty and repair services,”  John says.


Resellers are in search of a one-stop shop. Ingram Micro can not only provide the value-added services the customer requires, but they can also enable the reseller to scale if they’re out of capacity.
Not only that, they can also strengthen the reseller’s business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Virtual tour

In response to increased restrictions on customer visits due to the resurgence of COVID variants, the center has developed a substitute for the in-person tour experience.
The virtual tour provides 360-degree panoramic shots of the center. Each shot is six feet apart which allows the viewer to virtually walk throughout the center with the click of a mouse.
According to John, “this will allow viewers to see the facility, and the equipment, as well as the entire process from end to end.”

How the center operates

Programmatic approach

A member of the MPI program management team leads the onboarding effort, manages the scope and creates a communication plan. They manage all the stakeholders from engineering, supply chain, vendor management, sales quality and logistics.
Post-launch, the blueprint work package is handed off to a sustaining program manager who takes over the day-to-day operations.

Custom SAP

With an off-the-shelf version of SAP, processes are built around the way an SAP was designed to work rather than twisting it into something that can manage integration.
“As a result, our shop is super efficient, and we get a lot of really good data out of it,” John says.


So many things can jeopardize infrastructure, so the data center includes triple redundant processing, triple redundant network pads and storage, and an uninterruptible power supply.
For more information, visit Integrated Solutions.