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Innovation is building creative solutions for partners

February 04, 2020

Innovation is building creative solutions for partners
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Start getting comfortable being uncomfortable.
In order to deliver real innovation to your industry in 2020, it’s going to take some risk. It’s also going to take the willingness to learn and try out unconventional solutions.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk live from the U.S. Sales Kickoff, guest host James Carbary of Sweet Fish Media catches up with Kirk Robinson, Chief Country Executive at Ingram Micro.
James and Kirk discuss:
  • How Ingram Micro is creatively helping partners run their businesses more effectively
  • Why taking calculated risks is necessary for growth
  • How Ingram Micro is helping partners better serve their customers

Innovation is about being creative

We can all agree that technology is changing faster than it ever has. So, why do some execs insist on settling on outdated solutions?
To beat out your competition and offer your customers the best tech solutions, you’ll have to get a little uncomfortable. That means staying up-to-date on the newest products and asking how those can help your customers grow their businesses.
Take, for example, Ingram Micro’s financial services. This team has taken feedback from partners and developed unique financial programs according to the partner’s business needs.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone

Kirk explains that when you have a business strategy, there has to be some form of risk built-in. Otherwise, what’s the use of doing it?
To survive in today’s business landscape, your team needs to explore outside of its comfort zone; only then will your business grow. One way to take a calculated risk is through changes in technology.
“When you have a strategy, there needs to be built-in risks that you recognize.” — Kirk Robinson

Understanding the customer

One of Ingram Micro’s initiatives for 2020 is understanding you—our partners—and more clearly and subsequently your customers.
By understanding our partners’ individual business objectives better, we’ll be able to serve you in a more holistic manner. This will, of course, help you offer more value to your customers.
Taking calculated risks to serve customers more effectively is what business is all about. To do that, it takes becoming comfortable being uncomfortable.
“There’s no one definition of a customer.” — Kirk Robinson