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Ingram Micro tools for reseller success

July 15, 2021

Ingram Micro tools for reseller success
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Everyone’s talking about business transformation, but a lot of companies are struggling with how to accomplish it. To be successful, you need the right tools in place and to know where to focus your efforts.
In this episode, Logan Lyles talks with Jim Annes, VP Business Operations and Transformation at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Why you should ask “what should I do”
  • Ingram Micro tools available to resellers
  • The Transformation Triangle framework

What should I do

Transformation is a hot topic right now. Every business is looking to adapt to meet new customer demands. To do that, you need to put your house in order first.
“In order to transform your business or your team, you really need to create the time and space to do it,” Jim says. “You can’t continue to do the business you’re doing today well while you’re transforming in a meaningful way.”
Follow these three steps:
  1. Assess what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t be doing
  2. Automate or improve processes that are not supporting or improving your value proposition to your customers
  3. Invest in upskilling your team and investigating new markets and new opportunities
When you ask yourself, “what should I be doing,” you discover the activities that will drive the most impact and initiate the most change.

Ingram Micro tools

Ingram Micro offers two different groups of tools to help resellers with transformation initiatives.
The first group deals with tools that Ingram Micro implemented for partners to experience. These tools may not be applications, but partners are receiving benefits from them. They include:
  • RenewVue, which provides renewal management capabilities
  • Customer Care Portal, which enables you to start and manage returns and claims
  • Enhanced order status and tracking information that’s available through push notifications or integrated tools and APIs
  • Partner Central, where you can acquire developer APIs
The second group includes more hands-on capabilities. Things like:
  • Ingram Micro Solution Design and Services, which helps partners design solutions faster and win business quicker
  • Ingram Micro Professional Services, which assists reseller staff in their work

Transformation Triangle

Need a framework? Jim recommends the Transformation Triangle.
  1. First side of the triangle - Identify what you need to automate or improve processes. What is the benefit—in hours freed up—of making those changes?
  2. Second side - Decide where to invest those freed up hours. (e.g., training, taking on new capabilities or adopting new areas of focus)
  3. Third side - If needed, change the organizational structure. What is the right mix for the team, what should they focus on and what capabilities are needed to drive positive results?
Start with your Ingram Micro sales associate. They will help you get the right information to drive your business forward.