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In-office and visitor management in 2021

You can keep employees and customers safe while still growing your business

January 13, 2021

In-office and visitor management in 2021
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Business leaders have a responsibility to keep employees and visitors safe in 2021. But, at the same time, they have a responsibility for the growth and success of their businesses.
In episode 167, the VP of US Sales at Samsung, Chris Mertens, explains how Samsung plans to help businesses balance both of these duties.
Chris and Keri also discuss…  
“It’s critical to offer consumers the experiences in a corporate environment that they’ve been used to.” — Chris Mertens

Getting back to business

It’s apparent that business won’t be getting back to normal anytime soon. However, it’s important that businesses make the most out of the freedom they have in 2021.
That also means keeping employees and customers safe.
Hybrid office solutions
For the organizations welcoming employees into a hybrid workspace, Samsung has released the Interactive Display Flip WM85R. Whether your team is in the office or working from home, everyone will be able to easily contribute to meetings and share content in real time.
Keeping customers safe
In addition to in-office solutions, Samsung offers the Pro TV and Pro TV Terrace Edition for businesses welcoming back customers. Both of these 4K displays make it easy for customers to view your customizable content and stay at a safe distance.

The Fast Five

As a part of the President’s Club Series, we asked Chris five rapid-fire questions about his 2020 and the future of technology.
Q: What are the biggest benefits that you see being involved in Ingram Micro’s President’s Club?

A: It’s an exciting program for us. I would say that it’s multifaceted. It’s given us access to the best award-winning Ingram reps. We’re also excited about access to exclusive marketing events and targeting the most loyal partners.

Q: What was the most inspirational book you read this year?

A: One that was really fascinating to me was The Courage and Character of Teddy Roosevelt by George Grant.

Q: What was your favorite show or movie that you binged this year?
A: For me, it was The Queen’s Gambit.

Q: What is the biggest lesson that you learned personally or professionally in 2020?

A: I think it’s the connection with your sales team. Reps want to hear from leadership, they want to know what’s going on. They also want to talk to you about the things that they’re accomplishing with their customers and get your insight. That connection both professionally and personally through one-on-ones was important—it seemed like it was really important to my teams.

Q: In one word, where do you see technology going within the next year?

A: I’m going to cheat and say three words: communications and collaboration.

Learn more about the Samsung/Ingram Micro partnership, Samsung’s Pro TV and the Pro TV Terrace Edition.