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Improving Security and Compliance with IBM Cloud for Financial Services

June 01, 2021

Improving Security and Compliance with IBM Cloud for Financial Services
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IBM made some significant announcements this past year. One of them covered some big adjustments to its go-to-market strategy.

To break it all down, Shelby Skrhak speaks with Jessica Colello, IBM Public Cloud Sales Leader, Financial Services Market, about:

  • Adjustments to IBM’s go-to-market strategy
  • Why IBM Cloud for Financial Services is important for the channel
  • What partners need to have in place to talk to IBM clients about Cloud Financial
  • 3 types of partner benefits

Go-to-market strategy adjustments


This year, IBM announced that they were simplifying their go-to-market strategy.

“We’ve taken what was dozens of client segmentations down to two,” Jessica says, “and we’ve adopted that across all divisions with IBM.”

To reduce complexity and confusion, IBM clients will now have a similar experience no matter which IBM platform they engage.

Partner ecosystem

Another adjustment IBM made was elevating their commitment to the IBM partner ecosystem. Aligning to a partner channel model is now the focus going into 2021.

This is particularly important for the public cloud brand, which has traditionally been more of a direct sale.

IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Previously, clients were stopping short on their cloud journey. There were a couple of key factors:

  • Concerns around privacy of data
  •  The risk of failing regulatory compliance
  • Fear of cyber attacks and malware

In light of these challenges, IBM partnered with Promontory, Bank of America, and some others to create a platform that would ease the concerns of financial companies over moving mission-critical data to the public cloud.

The result was IBM Cloud for Financial Services. It’s the industry’s first cloud to deliver the benefits of public cloud while also meeting stringent industry requirements for compliance.

What partners need to have in place

Partners don’t really need anything special in place to be able to talk to IBM clients.

The services are available through the standard portal UI because it’s not a separate product. It’s a solution built and packaged using cloud capabilities that already exist with an added focus on regulated workloads.

“As long as partners are registered with PartnerWorld and already a software reseller or cloud marketplace reseller, they’re ready to go,” Jessica says.

3 types of partner benefits

  • Resources - Dedicated channel sales role in every segment of the team, Hybrid Cloud Build Teams that provide resources to build partners, expansion of the Cloud Engagement Fund


  • Growth - Partner accelerator program that provides a wealth of information along with Engage and Impact workshops that offer tools to create a high-impact growth plan on IBM Public Cloud


  • Enablement - IBM Center for Cloud Training, which is a highly comprehensive education platform that provides role-based learning paths for many cloud roles


For more information, contact Ben Chappell (ben.chappell@ingrammicro.com) or visit IBM Cloud Business Partner Accelerator and Learn and Earn.