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Improving productivity in the hybrid workplace

December 10, 2021

Improving productivity in the hybrid workplace
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How do you enable your hybrid workforce to be productive no matter where and how they work?
With hybrid work firmly the norm, now is the time to find out.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Chris Thorson, senior director of product marketing at Poly, about:
  • Tips for remote work technology
  • How companies should choose the right work approach for them
  • How Poly’s workplace personas help businesses find the right solutions
  • How videoconferencing technology is driving productivity

Tips for remote work technology

Poly, formerly known as Plantronics, is a veteran at the remote work game. That is why when the pandemic hit in 2019, many companies reached out to learn best practices for the new normal.
The key, it turns out, is gaining access to great technology. Chris identifies a few must-haves:
  • A great mic that captures clear sound
  • Technology that can remove superfluous background noise
  • Great lighting
  • High-quality, high-definition camera
  • A headset to prevent noise from interrupting others

Determining work approach and technology

“Hybrid is here, and it’s here to stay,” Chris says.
The challenge lies in choosing the right technology for your work paradigm and deciding what your building will look like for the return back to the office.
“It’s got to have the right mix of spaces that allow for collaboration,” Chris says, “that allows for people to get together in groups safely.”
Ease of use is key here as well. You’ll want to choose technology that has a familiar interface and isn’t overly intimidating to use.
The goal moving forward will be to create an environment where everyone, no matter whether they are working from the office or remotely, feels equal.
In videoconferencing, that might mean ensuring that everyone inhabits their own box even if a handful of them happen to be in a conference room together.

Workplace personas

To help companies decide what technology solutions they need, Poly has created workplace personas to point them in the right direction.
These personas are the result of comprehensive research they conducted.
The company has eight different work styles that range from the connected executive to the office traditionalist. For each work style, Poly has made recommendations for the type of technology that suits each best.
Resellers can leverage these personas to help their clients choose the right solutions for their needs.

Videoconferencing technology

As people trickle back into the office, it will be important that the work experience is equally good, if not better, than the home office work experience. If it isn’t, people won’t want to come back.
The truth is that no videoconferencing solution is one size fits all—but that’s the point.
In a hybrid workplace, work styles differ greatly and different technology is needed to accommodate every individual's needs.
For more information, contact the Ingram Micro Poly support team or visit poly.com.
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