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Important updates in Meraki’s licensing processes

January 03, 2020

Important updates in Meraki’s licensing processes
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Important updates are coming to Meraki licensing processes for Ingram Micro partners.
These updates will give partners more versatility while adding another layer of security.
Here to discuss the changes is Clay Carpenter, solution sales executive for Ingram Micro. Clay speaks with guest host Logan Lyles of Sweet Fish Media about what partners can expect from these licensing updates.
Live from Ingram Micro’s ONE event, the two talk about:
  • How the new per-device licensing option differs from the traditional process
  • The new advanced tier for access points
  • Meraki’s continuous innovation and creativity


Meraki per-device licensing

Meraki’s traditional co-termination method of licensing required all products’ licensing agreements to be terminated on the same day.
Now Ingram Micro partners can choose the new per-device licensing option. The per-device licensing model allows partners to attach single agreements to each respective device or network. Therefore, if you wish to have a long-term agreement on one Meraki device, you can still have a short-term licensing agreement on another product.
"Meraki's specialty is innovating and creating new products." - Clay Carpenter
Learn more about the Cisco Meraki per-device licensing agreement.

Advanced tier for access points

Clay discloses that Meraki has released a new enterprise tier for access points complete with Cisco Umbrella.
This advanced tier has manifested due to the partnership between Cisco and Meraki and their continuous collaboration. Through this collaboration, ideas and growth have naturally occurred for Cisco, Meraki and all of their partners.
"Umbrella adds a layer of security and makes it easy on the partners." - Clay Carpenter