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Igniting the spark of transformation with Brian Stelmach and Cori Hahn

August 05, 2022

Igniting the spark of transformation with Brian Stelmach and Cori Hahn
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The best customer experience is the one that’s ever evolving for the better. To achieve that cadence, you need consistent means of gathering feedback and an open dialogue built for improvement.
Ingram Micro strives for excellence across all offerings, and our client relationships reflect that aim.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Brian Stelmach, Solution Design and Services manager, and Cori Hahn, senior technical account manager, both of Ingram Micro, about:
  • Scaling engineering resources
  • What makes Ingram Micro unique
  • Valuing feedback above all else

Scaling engineering resources

Oftentimes, Ingram Micro’s partners are limited by their available engineering bench, and it's not always an option to hire more resources to overcome those limitations. Our partners don't want to tie up their limited engineering resources doing data entry to generate basic needed configurations.
The value comes from Ingram Micro’s ability to scale outside of expertise and solve our customers' problems creatively.
“It's not just sending SKUs in quotes for products,” Brian explains. “What if your billable technical resources spent more time with customers and less time building and designing solutions?”
Between consuming vendor tools and programs, research and product capability, we can help.

What makes Ingram Micro unique

The Ingram Micro Cisco solution design and services team asks probing questions to draw information out of our partners around the opportunity they're looking to quote to their end customer.
“That allows us to do a couple things,” Cori explains. “Not only does it allow us to make sure that we are providing a solution that solves the customer's actual business needs, but it also allows us to identify areas where the reseller can cross-sell and put a full solution in front of the customer in ways that they may not necessarily have thought of.”
Our team specializes in Cisco and is tightly aligned with Cisco to ensure our technicians have the latest and greatest information at their fingertips.
Ingram Micro aims to get to the root of the issue and provide long-term, durable solutions through high-impact conversations.

Valuing feedback above all else

As Ingram Micro continues to expand, training and certifying our 200+ associates to stay on top of and provide the most accurate and current solutions for resellers and their customers remains a high priority.
We assess and gather relevant information about our partners' business needs by probing about budget, close date and the use of the products. Every opportunity we get, we improve the customer experience.
“Our value is not just around our knowledge, but our willingness to share knowledge with others,” Brian points out.
Ingram Micro technicians are known for being gracious, eager to help and accurate to the extreme.
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