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Hybrid cloud and AI: the tech driving business ecosystems

October 20, 2022

Hybrid cloud and AI: the tech driving business ecosystems
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Forward-thinking organizations like IBM are coming together and taking a new approach to forming business ecosystems to help the federal market address critical issues like cybersecurity, supply chains and sustainability.
Shelby Skrhak is joined by Terry Halvorsen, GM of the US federal market, and Katharyn White, VP of the IBM ecosystem and US federal market, to discuss:
  • The unique challenges of the governmental digital transformation
  • Establishing a secure hybrid environment
  • How AI helps federal agencies process and optimize an unimaginable scale of data
  • IBM aligning technology, people, skills and cultural transformation to accelerate real change

Synthesizing for the greater good

The federal government is overwhelmed with unprecedented amounts of data, massively complex issues and urgent areas of concern.
IBM is leading proactive business integration and the creation of a far-reaching ecosystem to be an accelerant for the adoption of new technology in a notoriously slow market. Many governmental agencies are struggling to wrangle the data they need to best serve their constituents.
This hugely complicated bureaucracy demands highly adaptive hybrid digital solutions with an emphasis on security and speed.

Establishing an architecture

Terry points out that IBM is constantly innovating new strategies for operating in multi-cloud hybrid environments. “We’ve developed a set of tools and processes that really can help the federal agencies establish an architecture,” he states, “that incorporates their legacy structure as well as tools like AI and automation.”
Due to the sheer scale of the data, automation provides augmented intelligence to help human analysts to get access to the information they need for decision superiority, which is absolutely critical for agencies with time-sensitive missions like FEMA.

Trusted partnerships

IBM is orchestrating with other government and private entities to optimize and secure the incredible quantities of data amassed at the federal level while keeping everything on a strict timeline and below budget.
The reason they’re able to accomplish so much is the level of established trust that exists in the brand. The demonstrated skills and abilities of their team support the construction of this much-needed ecosystem, along with trusted partners like Ingram Micro.
Everyone in the country faces a common problem—getting the best use of their data and keeping it secure. IBM truly understands there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and it will take an inclusive effort from many organizations working together to improve our society.
Katharyn believes that our future trajectory will be people-oriented, with exciting new technologies breaking down cultural and social barriers and accelerating real, positive change.
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