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Humanizing HR and hiring for potential

November 05, 2022

Humanizing HR and hiring for potential
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Human Resources is more than hiring and firing — it touches every part of a company and has a sizable hand in crafting the culture employees and partners come to recognize and appreciate. A solid HR team can mean the difference between success and a mess.
Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Simon Wilkins, director of Talent Acquisition & Org Effectiveness, and Amber Gould, executive director, Human Resources, both of Ingram Micro. They discuss: 
  • A snapshot of HR responsibilities
  • The value of hiring for potential vs perfection
  • Humanizing HR and welcoming new hires

A snapshot of HR responsibilities

 What does Human Resources entail beyond surface-level responsibilities? There is much more going on in HR beneath the basics.  
“The biggest thing I recognize is HR is so many different things. It's compliance, culture, recruiting, development—it's all of those hats. And there is no secret best way to run your people programs,” Amber shares.
HR boils down to avoiding lawsuits, providing thorough education and enabling others to make the best decisions possible.
“At Ingram Micro, I don't hire, fire, train or onboard people. I facilitate ways to help all of our leaders do those things.” Amber explains, “If we had 10 people or 10,000, that's still my job. As the CEO of your company, don't feel like you have to own it all. It can be a shared level of responsibility.”

The value of hiring for potential vs perfection

 Hiring is a critical aspect of HR. However, it’s not as simple as sifting through resumes and sending interview invitations. A best practice in almost any case is hiring based on potential, not perfection.
“It is a huge disadvantage to your company if everybody needs to have a piece of paper,” Amber continues.
Enthusiasm and passion for the work, paired with high levels of teachability, can grant you the most dedicated, impactful employee you may not have found through filtering applications based on education.

Humanizing HR and welcoming new hires

 HR is not the fun police. They are there to provide direction, guidance and assistance. People should feel comfortable reaching out with concerns and asking questions.
“I call people and ask questions; I want to know how they make money, what drives them. I want to talk to our partners and our vendors. If I know what you want and what our vendor needs, I can come back and ensure I'm hiring people you need,” Amber explains.
Another straightforward way to bolster engagement is interacting with new hires before their first day. “When I was recruited to Ingram Micro, I had all these LinkedIn messages from people I hadn't met yet. And they said, ‘We're excited to meet you. Congratulations. Welcome to the team.’ It made a big difference,” Simon shares.
Engagement leads to stickier employees.
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