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HP’s new Chromebook is locked and loaded for business

New Chromebook Enterprise devices improve productivity and security outside of the office.

October 20, 2020

HP’s new Chromebook is locked and loaded for business
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Still trying to work from home on an 11” Chromebook? Both you and your IT manager need a productivity and security upgrade.
HP and Chrome Enterprise have joined forces to bring easy-to-use and easy-to-manage devices to professionals working from anywhere. To speak about these business-ready devices is Darrell Arellano, Sr. Unit Business Category Manager at HP.
He and Keri discuss…
  • How small displays can hinder remote workers’ productivity
  • What makes Chrome Enterprise products easier to manage
  • The future of technology
"Remote device management is a critical need for IT managers." — Darrell Arellano

Displays for productivity and security

You might be surprised to see how much more productive you can be working from home on an appropriately sized display.
When you have Zoom, Google Docs, Slack and countless other apps operating at the same time, it helps to have more screen space than what an 11” Chromebook can offer.
New cloud-first business solutions from Google and HP are an effective way to keep your workspace organized and productive. IT managers will also be keen to the security measures Chrome Enterprise products have built-in.
A few levels of Chrome’s multi-layered security approach include…
  • Integrative fingerprint reading
  • Web cam privacy shutters and switches
  • HP Sure View

The future of technology

Darrell is excited to watch Chrome Enterprise evolve even more in the coming year, and for good reason, too.
One major initiative Google and HP are taking on is the bridging between legacy apps and Chrome Enterprise devices. Being able to operate any type of software on a device will be a complete game changer for the industry.
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