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How you can start and manage your own Umbrella trial

October 18, 2019

How you can start and manage your own Umbrella trial
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Having industry-leading cybersecurity is a must for many industries—especially for industries that are the most at risk for cyberattacks.
To help us better understand cyberattacks and the best technology to defend against them, we interviewed three Cisco security experts:
Pat Kearney, Distribution Account Manager
Eric Berkman, Cloud Security Sales
Jeff Barnhart, Systems Engineer
We cover:
  • Using AI to predict cyber threats
  • Eliminating operational downtime for security updates
  • The benefits of transitioning security controls to the cloud

Industries being hit by cyberattacks

There are five midmarket industries that are most often targeted in cyberattacks. They include: 
  • Manufacturing - 16%
  • SLED - 14%
  • Financial services - 8%
  • Professional services - 8%
  • Energy/utilities - 4%
The issue, Jeff explains, with these industries and cyberattacks lies in the unwanted downtime that security updates cause. Manufacturers and utility providers cannot afford to be out of operation in order to update security software.
The scary thing?
Cybercriminals know that and will take advantage of it.
"We really need to have a simpler approach when it comes to data protection and cybersecurity as a whole." - Jeff Barnhart

Why security control must shift to the cloud

Here are the reasons why security control should migrate completely to the cloud:
  1. The cloud creates an agile platform to perform updates and make patches.
  2. There’s no downtime for updates.
  3. The cloud offers a global view of data sources.
  4. The cloud allows for service providers to block threats no matter where the access point may be.
  5. AI can be used to predict threats.
"As we put more security controls in the cloud, we're building a larger community to protect ourselves." - Pat Kearney

Cisco Umbrella

It’s no wonder that Umbrella has been one of the top-performing products for Cisco.
With the Multi-Org Console, your partners have access to the customer dashboard in order to see all potential vulnerabilities.
The best part? Umbrella allows service providers to centrally manage all security configurations. It doesn’t matter where your partners or their employees are located—you’re able to protect all access points from one single screen.
Eliminating the complexity and vulnerability of decentralized locations, Cisco Umbrella allows you to manage tens to hundreds of separate organizations’ security needs.
Plus, with access to the central dashboard, you’re able to offer security recommendations based on the available data.
It is so difficult to manage security with separate solutions that aren't communicating.” - Eric Berkman
To learn more about Cisco Umbrella, contact sales here, or check out the video explaining it here.