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How VMware Carbon Black helps enterprises simplify security

December 28, 2021

How VMware Carbon Black helps enterprises simplify security
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With the acquisition of Carbon Black in 2019, VMware took a big step into the security space.
The company’s goal: Bring simplicity to an overly complex environment.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Taylor Groff, senior partner development specialist for the west region at VMware, about:
  • How the addition of Carbon Black has transformed VMware
  • How security teams are getting stretched thin
  • The three key problems that security teams need to address
  • Tools and services that VMware Carbon Black provides

Carbon Black

Carbon Black has been a pioneer in endpoint security since 2002.
With the acquisition of Carbon Black, VMware not only has this robust endpoint detection and response platform, but also integrations through tools like vSphere, Workspace and Tanzu.
“I think it’s safe to say VMware is making a serious investment in security,” Taylor says.

Security team challenges

It’s no secret that security teams are stretched thin these days.
There are a seemingly infinite number of security tools that need to be managed and the list of things that need to be secured—from the network side to containers and Kubernetes—continues to grow.
Some organizations are approaching the issue by feeding the data from all of their tools into a SIM platform so they can aggregate and analyze from a single pane of glass.
The problem is what happens when you need to make policy changes or have to investigate a certain type of threat? You’re back to jumping into different tools.
There’s a lot of needless complexity in security infrastructures.
Case in point: On average, enterprise companies deploy 47 different security tools into their environments.
Ultimately, the more tools you implement, the more likely it is that you will misconfigure one of them.

Three problems with the state of security today

  1. Siloed: Different teams leverage different tools for their single source of truth with no alignment across the organization.
  2. Threat-centric: The bad guys are constantly finding new ways to access information.
  3. Bolted on: Developers build applications and security is treated as an afterthought.

Tools and services

It’s time to unify security. VMware Carbon Black can help.
“If we can collect data and collect information from various points or sources within our organizations and feed it back into the Carbon Black Cloud, we can analyze it and get a holistic picture of what’s taking place,” Taylor says.
Here are just a few of the additional tools and services provided by VMware Carbon Black:
  • Endpoint Standard, which is a next-gen antivirus solution
  • Ransomware prevention
  • Audit remediation, which ensures patches deploy successfully
  • Managed detection and response
  • Integrations with vSphere, Workload security and Workspace
 “53% of security leaders are not sleeping well at night,” Taylor says. “It’s a complex world and that’s something that VMware hopes to solve.”
For more information, reach out to your Ingram Micro associate or the Carbon Black Partner Sales Specialist team.
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