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How upgrading to vSphere 8 improves flexibility

December 09, 2022

How upgrading to vSphere 8 improves flexibility
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The next stage of multi-cloud management is available in the form of vSphere 8 from VMware. With vSphere 8 at the front lines, embracing a cloud-forward future ceases being something to fear.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with David Eaton, technology consultant II at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Functions of vSphere variations
  • vSphere 8 evolutions
  • Enabling partners for success

Functions of vSphere variations

 The vSphere line has adapted over time, but the core purpose remains consistent: server virtualization, a gateway to cloud infrastructure and enabling partners to create virtual machines that run in multiple locations.
“vSphere helps enable customers to take many servers—maybe thousands of servers—and consolidate them down to tens, or even hundreds of servers and save money on power and cooling, but also on hardware expenses and operational expenses,” David explains.
Alongside financial positives, vSphere creates virtual machines, which could be a server, a desktop or several products, and allows those virtual machines to move from a data center to a cloud data center based on how flexible it needs to be.

vSphere 8 evolutions

 The most recent evolution of vSphere—vSphere 8—brings a new layer of flexibility to the table and is ideal for shepherding companies into the next stage of cloud storage.
“vSphere 8 is truly a cloud operating system that can be deployed in any location. The capabilities that VMware introduced in vSphere 8 are all about what they call the multi-cloud,” David shares.
vSphere 8 shines a light on multi-cloud functions and makes the transition more approachable, reducing confusion and maximizing flexibility.
“In the next few months, you'll see more customers moving towards a cloud license. Licenses are transferable between on-premise or in a cloud environment,” he continues.

Enabling partners for success

 There is no shortage of training materials for partners and customers alike. VMware offers professional training for sales and tech.
“Ingram Micro—through our training programs—offers VMware training. We're a certified VMware training facility.” David explains, “Partners can reach out to VMware and go through some of their install, configure, manage courses.” Those courses are 100% free and accessible on the VMware Partner Connect page.
“We also have boot camps available through Ingram Micro where we cut out a lot of the stuff you don't need to know and teach you about the stuff you do need to know” David points out, “We'll help you get through taking the exam, and you can get your VSP accreditations way quicker than going through the VMware Partner Connect page.”
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