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How Tripp Lite supports a hybrid work environment

July 26, 2021

How Tripp Lite supports a hybrid work environment
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During the pandemic, there was a shift to work from home. Now, as the pandemic subsides, hybrid work, or “work from anywhere,” has taken hold. How do you support the level of standardization required to ensure the hybrid workforce model succeeds?
In a special As the Gears Turn edition, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash talk with David Cradeur, Connectivity Specialist - Distribution at Tripp Lite, about:
  • What products Tripp Lite offers
  • Where “work from anywhere” is growing
  • Adapting to BYOD
  • Partnering with Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite’s products

Tripp Lite offers high-quality products that help the reseller community and their end users support a hybrid work environment. The opportunity for resellers lies in making the “work from anywhere” model more compatible and standardized.
Connectivity solutions make up 20% of Tripp Lite’s business. It can be broken down into three subgroups:
  • Network cabling - the patch cord business (copper and fiber)
  • Pro AV - extenders and AV cables
  • Desktop mobility - car chargers and portable mobile power bags
In addition to offering these products to enable hybrid work, Tripp Lite also offers manufacturer support for both the reseller and end-user community.

Growing “work from anywhere” segments

“Work from anywhere” provided an opportunity to work with companies that wouldn’t traditionally have bought power from Tripp Lite. That opened the door to new revenue opportunities.
Other growth areas exist in the verticals of healthcare, government and education.
In the pro AV market, specifically, some of the engineers morphed into docking experts as well because the support was needed.

Adapting to BYOD

The security and support issues around BYOD are the most pressing.
“It’s really about the attachment we have to the multitude of laptops and tablets,” David says. “These things are coming back into the office and some of them may be old technology, some new.”
Tripp Lite helps by providing both older and newer technology solutions and standardization for docks.
The reality is that due to supply chain issues, it’s likely that companies are challenged by having to standardize four or five docks. Having one company—in Tripp Lite—that can assist with that and take the burden off of internal staff can make all the difference.

Partnering with Tripp Lite

There’s no authorization needed to purchase.
“As long as you have a relationship with Ingram Micro,” David says, “you can sell all of our product solution sets.”
Furthermore, Ingram Micro has two dedicated employees who have been working with Tripp Lite for a number of years that can assist with any questions you may have.
Visit TrippLite.com or reach out to your Ingram Micro rep for more information.