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How to support teachers and parents during public sector buying season

August 28, 2020

How to support teachers and parents during public sector buying season
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As first-day-of-school pictures circulate on our social media feeds, it’s hard not to notice the masks covering anxious and excited smiles.
This school year is going to be full of new challenges for teachers and students alike. Luckily, partners are in a position to support educational institutions in addition to other public sector entities.
Elliot Williams, Sales Director at Dell Technologies, and Tony Celeste, executive director and general manager at Ingram Micro, join Keri to discuss tips for the public sector buying season, as well as…
  • The difference between IT modernization and digital transformation
  • How the CARES Act is impacting this federal buying season
  • Why 5G solutions are so crucial to distance learning and working
  • The future of tech for education and the public sector as a whole
"Students and educators are going to face far more challenges than the normal teleworking situation ... The government's going to have to be very careful in how they manage this and they're going to need the industry's help to do it." — Tony Celeste
It’s one thing to be working from home, but to be learning from home—and teaching from home, for that matter—is a whole new ballgame.

Distance learning
There’s a strange feeling in the air at the start of this school year. Some students are attending class in masks for part of the week, remote learning the rest of the week.

Many high school and college students are 100% remote. As if this solution wasn’t anxiety-inducing enough, some students don’t have the resources needed for reliable connectivity.
Furthermore, many parents need to connect to work from home at the same time their kids are “in school.” You can imagine the bandwidth issues families are facing.

IT modernization vs. digital transformation
The modernization of tech is obviously vital but holds hardly any weight if behaviors aren’t implemented to adopt that technology.

That’s the catalyst the public sector is just beginning to understand: Digital transformation is required to give consumers the services they need.
5G is out there, but if it’s not accessible to the families who need it, what’s the use?
"To truly digitally transform, you need to change the way you're doing things. It's more than just acquiring and using the latest technology. It's about using it to serve the mission or business purpose." — Tony Celeste

How to support the future of education
During this unique public sector buying season, keep these ideas from Tony and Elliot in mind:

  • Education isn’t one-size-fits-all but needs to be scalable. Students have special needs that should be taken into account when administrators are searching for technological solutions.
  • There will be more tailored education opportunities for students in the future. It’s best to start adopting a digital transformation mindset now.
  • This year, parents and teachers have to be more involved with students’ education. Institutions require solutions to make involvement as seamless as possible.
  • There is and will continue to be more scrutiny around cybersecurity. Remote learning and working mean more vulnerable endpoints.
Lastly, remember that as an IT provider, your job isn’t to sell a solution. It’s to support the end user in their journey through digital transformation.
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