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How to option your financing within the SLED vertical

July 18, 2022

How to option your financing within the SLED vertical
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As we continue to shift into a very dynamic economy, companies must focus on sale campaigns early to avoid budgetary challenges later on.
One of the best ways to address this: Partnering early on so that they’re equipped with the right programs to deliver the desired outcomes the government needs.
Melanie Delvalle speaks with Nick Ferrari, account executive at Key Government Finance, and Michelle Hoppock, financial solutions executive at Ingram Micro, about:
  • The history of Key Government Finance
  • Engaging early in the sales cycle
  • Where financing of technology in the public sector will go in the future

The history of Key Government Finance

With over 40 years’ experience in the equipment finance industry, Key Government Finance has continued to be a top partner choice:
  • 15 billion in assets
  • 6 billion in originations
  • 5th largest affiliated equipment leasing company
  • Nation's 4th largest bank-based equipment leasing company
What really makes Key Government Finance stand out, however, is their sole focus on the municipal space.
“From our credit underwriters, to our legal team, to our contract folks, and also to my colleagues: Like myself, all we do every single day is work with vendors on how to structure deals for municipal clients,” Nick explains.
One of the most popular ways they help municipal clients—budget shortfalls.

Engaging early in the sales cycle

In the economy of today, budgets should be top of mind for everyone and thought about early on. So, if you’re thinking about bringing in a partner, the best time to do it is now.
“We really need our partners to bring us in early to be that strategic part of their sales campaign. Typically public sector entities buy what they can afford with their current budget cycle,” Michelle explains.
One of the worst things a partner can face is walking away from a deal due to budget issues. To work around this, Key Government Finance offers a whole range of payment options to allow the customer to get the project they need, right now, that fits into their budget constraints.
Imagine buying a house without financing options. If we had to come up with the amount in cash up front, most of the country would be in much smaller homes.

Where financing of technology in the public sector will go in the future

For Nick and Michelle, it comes down to the interest rates. As they continue to go higher, it creates an opportunity to deliver creative financing solutions:
  • Consumption-based
  • As a service
  • Option your financing
 “With these programs, they're all about delivering outcomes, rather than relying on a low cost of money for traditional financing,” Michelle explains.
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