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How to operate legacy apps alongside modern apps

July 15, 2020

How to operate legacy apps alongside modern apps
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“Cloud isn’t where you operate, it’s how you operate.” — Joe Beda, principal engineer at VMware & co-creator of Kubernetes
With the right platform, you should be able to operate and leverage legacy applications alongside modern apps.
This is just one of the many ideas Keri chats with Jim Potts, Sr. Systems Engineer at VMware, about.
They also discuss:
  • How the definition of an application has evolved
  • Challenges companies are facing when combining legacy apps with more modern apps
  • Why vSphere 7 + Kubernetes is the best way to deploy containers at scale
Find out what’s new for vSphere partners and why customers should upgrade to vSphere 7.
"Regardless of the size of the company you are working with—very large down to very small—they're leveraging the cloud in some form or fashion whether they realize it or not." — Jim Potts

The definition of an application has changed

Applications aren’t built like they used to (and that’s a good thing).
Instead of one big app with numerous moving parts that all have to be shut down for upgrades, developers are building apps in segments or containers.
The thing is, sometimes we still need to operate an old-fashioned application (aka, legacy app). But we still want the ability to leverage a container that can be upgraded on the fly without disabling the entire application.
Therein lies the problem: How do you continue operating and leveraging a legacy app alongside a modern app?
For many businesses, this conundrum has produced silos within the company. These silos pose their own inherent business challenges.

vSphere 7 + Kubernetes

The answer? vSphere 7 plus Kubernetes.
Now, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It actually uses the same open-source Kubernetes you’re used to with the agility of VMware’s newly improved hybrid cloud, vSphere 7.
"I think the ideal solution is whatever helps you achieve the business outcome you're looking for." — Jim Potts
In order to be prepared for your business’s future, it’s critical to have the flexibility necessary to pivot. That’s where vSphere 7 + Kubernetes comes in.
To learn more about what vSphere + Kubernetes can do for your business, contact your Ingram Micro rep or email Jim at pottsj@vmware.com.

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