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How to host successful virtual and hybrid events

October 08, 2020

How to host successful virtual and hybrid events
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Shifting a traditionally in-person event to virtual or even hybrid has been one of the largest challenges of 2020.
As Ingram Micro has shifted into the new way of doing events, we’ve learned a lot.
Joining Keri to speak about some of the things we’ve learned is Ingram Micro’s Manager of Events Services, Allie Ashdown. They also discuss…
  • The qualities that make a great corporate events planner
  • What events in 2021 will look like
  • The future of events technology
"For the same content being translated to a virtual environment, we're getting double the people signing up and showing up." — Allie Ashdown

Great corporate event planning takes…

Luckily for corporate event planners, the same skills it took to plan an event in 2019 are the ones you need in 2020 and beyond. Allie outlines those skills as…
  1. Adaptability
  2. Flexibility
  3. A consultative mindset
  4. Attention to detail
Although event planners may be using these qualities in a new way, they’re still the same properties an individual needs to plan in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

Other event planning tips

Planning a virtual event in 2020? Here are a few more tips Allie has picked up along the way:
  • Schedule events for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.
  • Try to meet the goals someone would have for an in-person event virtually.
  • Keep events at fewer than 30 participants.
  • Try pre-recorded sessions with smaller breakouts afterward.
  • Offer on-demand content with a social aspect.
  • Make the content relevant because it’s the main pull for online events.

The future of corporate events

Events in 2021 will take thoughtful re-entry. That’s why Allie believes hybrid events will become popular in the coming year.
A satellite event occurs similarly to something like a Super Bowl party. Small pockets of people get together to watch one major broadcast. They’re able to enjoy and discuss the contents of the broadcast while still making face-to-face connections.
Additionally, Allie feels that technology for hybrid events will be the next big niche to fill. Simplifying the streaming of live content for the end user will be a big part of this shift. Mobile apps that take into account event numbers, safety, status, location changes, etc. will also be booming in 2021.
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