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How to have growth-driven customer conversations

July 20, 2020

How to have growth-driven customer conversations
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"If you're just talking at your customers or your customers are talking and you're not listening, you're really not building the rapport to get into what their mindset is—where their mission is." — Steve Tuomey
Do you ever find yourself running into roadblocks with your customers from business silos or red tape?
There are ways to crack open the communication necessary to provide your customer with the best solution for them.

4 key pillars

Steve explains that the sales team at Dell Technologies operates within four main pillars. Those are:
  1. Applications
  2. Classic IT
  3. End users
  4. Security
Whether they’re working with a private business or government agency, the sales pros can rely on these four pillars for selling.
For instance, if a customer orders 150 laptops (classic IT), the Dell solutions expert should inquire about the customer’s security plan for those devices.

Build rapport with customers

Before you ask about any other potential solutions, make sure you’ve built up a rapport with that customer. If you haven’t listened carefully to them in the past, they won’t feel inclined to honestly answer any of your inquiries.
In order to cross between the four main technology pillars and get your questions answered truthfully, there needs to be trust between you and the customer. Oftentimes, this rapport can help you move freely between departments, creating more selling opportunities.
This means you can turn what was just one solution into multiple, all while you build valuable relationships along the way.
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