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How to differentiate yourself as a cloud provider

July 22, 2020

How to differentiate yourself as a cloud provider
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Believe it or not, smaller cloud providers have just as much power as the market behemoths (Google, IBM, Amazon, etc.).
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, VMware’s Director of Product Marketing, Michael Haag, talks about how small cloud providers can differentiate themselves in the market.
He also discusses:
  • 2 main drivers of the hybrid IT environment
  • Why VMware cloud providers are seeing tremendous growth
  • Verticals that prefer small cloud providers to the market giants
"We're still seeing tremendous growth with VMware cloud providers. Where they're differentiating themselves is similar to a regional bank. It's that personal touch." — Michael Haag
Small cloud providers aren’t unlike regional banks or credit unions. No, they don’t have the breadth or some of the resources the bigger guys have. But, somehow, they still hold a major portion of the market.

Benefits of working with small cloud providers

There are numerous reasons why a business would want to work with a small cloud provider over one of the larger competitors (Google, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft).
  1. They have a better understanding of your business objectives.
  2. Many focus on specific verticals, catering to particular industry needs.
  3. Some providers offer a sovereign cloud, only serving organizations in one particular region.
  4. There’s often flexibility and transparency in pricing.
  5. They have more time and expertise to give your business one-on-one attention.
These are just a handful of reasons why businesses choose to work with small cloud providers. They are also good reasons to start offering cloud services to your mid-market customers.

VMware cloud providers

VMware cloud providers are given the tools to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.
Learn how VMware is helping Ingram Micro partners succeed.
We know mid-market businesses value great customer service, a personal touch and transparent pricing among other things. That just so happens to be exactly what VMware cloud providers offer.
Being a cloud provider, it pays to…
  • Act as a consultant for your cloud customers
  • Be flexible with pricing
  • Have expertise in a few verticals
  • Understand your customers’ specific objectives and needs
You can do all of that and more when you team up with VMware.
Learn more about being a VMware cloud provider here.
Learn more about the VMware Cloud Provider Platform here and the VMware Cloud Director Service here. Connect with Michael’s team on Twitter: @cloudhappens
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