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How the Emerging Business Group helps resellers grow their business

July 22, 2021

How the Emerging Business Group helps resellers grow their business
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The Emerging Business Group (EBG) is both new and not new at the same time. It’s a brand new business unit within Ingram Micro, but it was born from the combination of two separate groups that have been in place for nearly 10 years.
Logan Lyles speaks with Don Scott, Director, Vendor Management - Emerging Business Group, and Randy Irvine, Director of Sales and Market Development - Emerging Security, about:
  • The primary focus of the EBG
  • Connecting partners with emerging vendors
  • Resources for emerging vendors
  • Identifying up-and-coming vendors

The focus of EBG

The EBG exists within the Advanced Solutions division at Ingram Micro.
“It’s a really strong, cohesive business with a lot of folks that really understand what it takes to be successful with new and emerging technologies,” says Don.
The unit helps small vendors with compelling new technologies, setting them on the path to success by leveraging key channel relationships.

Connecting partners with emerging vendors

The EBG uses a data-driven approach that identifies which partners will be a good fit for new vendor technology. It’s a targeted approach that ensures a vendor can truly offer something of value for a specific partner.
“We do our due diligence in terms of looking at each partner’s business,” says Don, “so that when we do approach a partner to have that initial conversation about the vendor, we have a very good sense that there’s a good opportunity for success there.”
“Customers are leaning on Ingram,” Randy adds, “to help introduce new vendors and new solutions so that they can help fill gaps within their end client customer base.”

Resources for emerging vendors

A vendor is typically looking for help with two things:
  • New partner engagements
  • Ways to go deeper with existing partners
A key goal of the EBG is to differentiate vendors' offerings so that channel partners are more likely to purchase and deploy the solutions to their customers.
In pursuit of that goal, the EBG offers vendors many resources, including:
  • Vendor business managers that aim to understand overall growth objectives
  • Solutions development specialists that provide partners with guidance as it pertains to those vendors and their programs
  • A field sales organization that advocates on behalf of vendors
  • Marketing resources from both the field and agency teams
  • Technical resources to tie their services to a broader solution story

Identifying up-and-coming vendors

The EBG identifies which vendors have the greatest potential for growth. If a lot of partners can benefit from the new technology, it’s a key indicator that the vendor is ready for the channel.
“Once we’re sure that the technology is something that our partners can grow with and that the vendor is fully committed to their success, that’s a good partner for us,” says Don.
Visit the Emerging Business Group for more information.