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How the definition of the data center is evolving

November 28, 2022

How the definition of the data center is evolving
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What does an effective digital platform really mean?
Consumers today expect everything to be instantaneous. Outages and downtime are unacceptable.
Companies need an IT partner with a flexible platform that ensures customers always get the best possible experience in a sustainable way.
Shelby Skrhak sits down with Larry Hann, director of NAM Channel Software and Digital Services at Schneider Electric, to explore how their innovative ecosystem solutions remove business friction and redefine the data center paradigm:
  • Schneider’s APC division offers uninterruptible power services to protect connectivity and provide certainty
  • Helping partners utilize resources more effectively and drive cost savings
  • Designing products that deliver data-driven business outcomes

Bringing value back to the partner channel

Schneider Electric was named the most sustainable corporation in the world in 2021’s Global 100 Index. The company is very passionate about acting for a climate-positive world and enabling its partners to fulfill a variety of sustainability initiatives.
APC is one of Schneider’s flagship brands, focused on developing uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and data security for both residential and commercial uses through a highly flexible platform that’s specifically tailored to each client’s needs.
IT staff are stretched thin enough these days. These new innovations ensure your customers always enjoy the full experience without interruption.

Managing the environment

“Data center” used to conjure a picture of a vast room with rows upon rows of server racks, surrounded by huge energy-hungry cooling units.
But by 2025, Gartner predicts 75% of enterprise-generated data will be outside of traditional data centers.
How will brands manage that environment and protect their most valuable resource? APC brings immense value to their partners by standardizing support costs, enhancing visibility and increasing efficiency with their forward-thinking software and support.
“We’re trying to provide everything from soup to nuts,” as Larry points out. “Our partners told us what they needed, and we developed it.”

Identifying sustainable goals

Schneider’s dedication to sustainability started over 15 years ago with CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire and his commitment to building an inclusive culture empowered by innovation and sustainability.
Part of their strategy includes a consulting division to help partners identify goals and accelerate sustainable progress.
Changing the way companies look at their data centers is a key component, and APC gives its channel partners a variety of ways to reduce their carbon footprint, recycle and reuse.
Larry predicts data becoming ever more important to our daily lives—“everything we do is going to be digitized and data-driven.”
That’s why the company is looking ahead to the prosumer space, when individuals will be creating their own power sources and consumers will be self-sustainable, all driven by the cutting-edge technology developed by Schneider and APC.
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