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How SimpleCom and Ingram Micro Ignite scale and promote enterprise solutions

August 05, 2020

How SimpleCom and Ingram Micro Ignite scale and promote enterprise solutions
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Selling isn’t what it used to be. Over are the days of pushy salespeople pestering you until you buy from them.
At least, that’s what Brian McKeon (SimpleCom) and Justin Pugh (Ingram Micro - Verizon) believe sales should be. They join Keri on this episode of B2B Tech Talk to chat about:
  • How SimpleCom can help Ingram Micro Ignite partners successfully scale and promote enterprise solutions
  • Why SimpleCom puts so much emphasis on their mantra, “design, deploy and support”
  • Why the best solution should unveil itself, not be pushed onto a customer
"The right product or solution unveils itself. There's not really any selling that needs to take place." — Brian McKeon

Form follows function
SimpleCom helps simplify mobile communication challenges for carriers and customers. Brian’s company came to the rescue of Verizon when they needed assistance with catering to a customer.

Now, SimpleCom helps Ingram Micro Ignite—a partnership between Verizon and Ingram Micro—tackle mobile communication obstacles.

The reason Brian and his team at SimpleCom have been so successful in their partnerships? They know “selling” doesn’t have anything to do with selling. It’s about coming to a solution together.

Design, deploy and support
The mantra SimpleCom lives by is “design, deploy and support.”

Some customers want all three of those elements. Some only require design and deployment. SimpleCom does as much or as little as the customer wants—it’s up to them.
To arrive at a solution with a customer, Brian does the following:
  • Works to get a full understanding of the business and its objectives
  • Asks the deeper, more revealing questions to get to the core of the challenge
  • Continues to ask the right questions until the solution is obvious to both parties
Brian’s team wants to take the burden of mobile communications support off the plates of enterprise leaders. However, if the need isn’t there, it won’t be part of the solution a particular business receives.
One size fits all is just not an option in the enterprise world anymore.
Learn more about Ingram Micro Ignite here and SimpleCom here.
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