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How Samsung’s rugged devices support multiple industries

May 28, 2021

How Samsung’s rugged devices support multiple industries
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Samsung rugged mobile devices occupy the sweet spot between more fragile, consumer-grade devices and clunky, ultra-rugged devices. This enables them to serve a broad range of needs across multiple industries.
In this episode, Shelby Skrhak talks with Saurabh Shah, Senior Product Manager for Samsung Mobile, about:

  • Best-fit environments for Samsung rugged devices
  • Use cases in transportation, public safety and manufacturing
  • Extending the lifecycle of B2B devices
  • Knox Suite

Best-fit environments for rugged devices

“From Samsung’s perspective, our rugged devices are actually built for mobile business users who are in the field and who rely on their tablets and handheld devices to remain productive throughout their digitized business practices,” says Saurabh.
Rugged devices are useful in industries like:

  • Manufacturing
  • Field services
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Warehousing

Rugged devices are all-weather and multi-purpose. That means they can potentially replace any number of electronic devices that your workers carry.


Rugged devices are ideal for truck drivers. Applicable features include:

  • “Gloves mode” - allows drivers to use the tablet even if they are wearing gloves
  • A ruggedized S Pen which is IP68 rated
  • “No Battery mode” - a new feature that allows drivers to mount their tablet on the dashboard of the cab and power it directly through their vehicle

Rugged tablets also can provide entertainment for drivers and, by doing so, help reduce employee turnover in an industry where it’s prevalent.

Public safety

“Public safety professionals, such as police officers, firemen and other first responders, need rugged devices,” says Saurabh.
They need a device that can withstand accidental drops and hazardous environmental elements.
A perfect device for them is the XCover Pro rugged phone which is FirstNet certified and provides dedicated access to the FirstNet network.


For manufacturing professionals, rugged devices offer application-based productivity tools that can adapt to their ever-changing needs.
One such feature is a programmable key.
“So you can actually program any key line or key application, which is critical for your line of business,” says Saurabh.

Extended product lifecycles

One of the most frequent customer requests has been to extend the lifecycle of B2B devices.
Accordingly, Samsung has extended the lifecycle of rugged tablets to three years and handheld devices to two. In addition, both categories will offer five years of SMR support, which is security and maintenance support.

Knox Suite

Knox Suite is a bundled offering of solutions designed to address an organization’s needs related to security and management.
“With the help of Knox Suite,” says Saurabh, “businesses can now remotely configure and manage any number of Samsung devices and tailor them to their specific enterprise requirement.”
For more information, contact Carl Conte at Ingram Micro (carl.conte@ingrammicro.com) or visit the Samsung Ascend Partner Portal.