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How Samsung Mobile Helps Companies Navigate the Volatile Job Market

November 03, 2021

How Samsung Mobile Helps Companies Navigate the Volatile Job Market
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Due to what’s being called “The Great Resignation,” most companies are engaged in a war for talent—and it’s affecting recruitment and retention.

 In the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries, the effects are particularly prominent. In fact, a recent statistic revealed that retail is facing a 57% annual turnover rate.

How can Samsung Mobile help companies navigate this volatile job market?

In a special As the Gears Turn edition, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash talk with Joe Hasenzahl, Senior Manager, Business Development at Samsung Electronics America, about:

  • How Samsung Mobile assists with worker retention and productivity
  • What Samsung helps associates do
  • How Samsung Bixby is used in the business space
  • What makes Samsung Mobile B2B so good

Retention and productivity

As turnover has skyrocketed, companies employing front-line workers have been feeling the pinch.

Traditionally, companies in industries such as hospitality and retail have spent money on three main areas:

  • Customer experience
  • Operational efficiency
  • Employee productivity

Due to the job market, the last topic has gained greater attention.

“It’s a blanket term for getting people in the doors and making them as effective as possible,” Joe says.

It covers attracting associates, onboarding new employees, making them more productive and keeping them around.

Employee loss has a real impact on the bottom line. Not only are their soft costs, but there’s an impact to morale and customer experience.

Samsung Mobile

“Samsung is helping retailers understand that there are tools out there to help you solve this problem,” Joe says.

Giving associates a phone can attract and even retain employees. Furthermore, it has a profound impact on the speed of onboarding and productivity within retail environments.

“By consolidating tools and putting them in the hands of the associates, we’re hoping to take some of the friction out of what I’m calling the associate journey,” Joe says.

So what can a phone help an associate do?

  • Record time and attendance
  • Communicate with other associates
  • Look at scheduling
  • And in some cases, it can be used as a personal device at home

B2B voice technology

Samsung Bixby, the company’s voice technology, is a key part of the B2B offering. After all, many people see voice as the UI of tomorrow.

Employees can now talk with their devices to get something done without needing as much training as before. This plays into faster onboarding.

In addition, in a tight labor market, companies can hire employees who aren’t completely fluent in English because they can now converse with their device and complete their work in their native tongue.

The difference maker

“What makes Samsung B2B solutions so good is the consumer DNA behind them,” Joe says.

What this does is it makes their devices easier to adopt for end users.

In addition, their partnership with Ingram Micro allows companies to access an ecosystem of tools to bring their programs to life.

For more information, visit the Samsung Partner Portal or contact Carl Conte at samsungmobile@ingrammicro.com.

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