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How R2 Unified Technologies built a successful Cisco and Ingram Micro relationship

December 21, 2021

How R2 Unified Technologies built a successful Cisco and Ingram Micro relationship
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Partnerships drive the success of a business. They can lend credibility to a fledgling company and give it the boost it needs to grow the business.
R2 Unified Technologies recognized this and successfully partnered with two big names in the B2B technology space: Cisco and Ingram Micro.
Rita Richa speaks with Jason Doherty, vice president of sales at R2 Unified Technologies, and James Skelton, senior account executive at Ingram Micro, about:
  • How the partnerships between Cisco and Ingram Micro came to be
  • Positive impacts of the Ingram Micro partnership
  • Successes with Cisco’s digital network architecture
  • Perks related to working with Ingram Micro

Origin of the Cisco partnership

“We are a technology-first company,” Jason says. “So, at the end of the day, we want to make sure we’re partnering with companies that we feel are innovative and bring high quality technology support to our customers.”
Cisco fit the bill. R2 Unified Technologies partnered very early on with them, and simply by meeting the criteria to partner with Cisco, they gained credibility.
“We knew we were going to compete against some really large partners while being very small and growing the business so we wanted to ensure that we brought credibility along with that,” Jason says.

Impact of the Ingram Micro partnership

Ingram Micro has helped the company train employees, manage certifications, show off new products at the experience center and drive new deals.
“It’s been crucial in helping us build our business,” Jason says.
James adds that the benefits of Ingram Micro compound over time.
“The more that you engage with Ingram, the more that you're willing to talk to us about your business, that you're willing to talk to us about your goals, aspirations, and challenges, the more that we can help,” he says.

Impact of the Cisco partnership

Cisco is a technology leader, so R2 Unified Technologies is in a unique position to learn from the company.
Ingram Micro helped the young company become part of the SMB advisory board, which means they have gotten valuable access to executive level leadership at Cisco.

Cisco’s digital network architecture (DNA)

R2 Unified Technologies has also benefited from Cisco’s DNA.
“The DNA has been a game changer for us,” Jason says. “Our goal is actually to be the software-defined company for our customers and DNA has been a separator from the competition.”
DNA has provided a more secure way to gain access to the network as well as drive automation, while simplifying management for their customers.
It has enabled them to show customers the benefits of transitioning from legacy architecture into a digital network architecture, which has helped drive the business forward.
For more information, email R2 Unified Technologies or contact your Ingram Micro rep.
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