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How Pro Wi-Fi benefits small businesses

January 16, 2023

How Pro Wi-Fi benefits small businesses
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As hyper-connectivity and cloud storage rise in popularity, reducing complexity is a must. Netgear aims to support small businesses with top-notch Wi-Fi provision, streamlined interfaces and a constant regard for SMBs and MSPs as their guide.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Doug Cheung, director of product management at Netgear, Inc., about:
  • What qualifies as a small business
  • Why Pro Wi-Fi is lucrative for small businesses
  • How Netgear provides optimal value

What qualifies as a small business

 Netgear was founded as a data company servicing small and medium-sized businesses. They were building five port hubs before hubs became switches, and today, they continue to provide solutions for SMBs (server message blocks) and MSPs (managed service providers).
“Everybody has a different definition of what a small and medium-sized business is,” Doug shares. “My definition is any business that cannot afford more than one full-time IT person, with no more than 200 full-time employees.”
With the acceleration of the migration from on-prem to cloud, outside consultancy is more and more expected with small to medium businesses to stay on top of growing complexities.
The correct interface and connectivity can make all the difference within a small business.

Why Pro Wi-Fi is lucrative for small businesses

 Most businesses require sizable Wi-Fi coverage, which dictates multiple access points to populate the coverage area and provide consistent Wi-Fi performance throughout the premises. No dark corners, no drop zones, etc.
“That requires a top-notch performance Wi-Fi access point mesh system,” Doug explains. Netgear meets this need by layering its system and leveraging the fundamentals of technology.
“Everybody has Wi-Fi 6. The difference is in implementation,” he continues, “If you look at the networking structure, there are layers—the physical layer, the data comm connect layer and up to application presentation.”
Netgear uses high-quality antenna design to make consistent Wi-Fi a reality across multiple locations, with remote management capabilities.

How Netgear provides optimal value

 Netgear has a laser-focused mission to stay on the cutting edge of technology and help small to medium businesses excel, and they make that mission a reality through a few main aspects of their culture:
  • They’re always on the leading end of technology
  • Their foundational layers ensure high performance
  • They aim to reduce operational complexity
 “We take the most critical functions in networking and make them visible, touchable and manageable through our interface,” Doug shares. “When you reduce complexity, the cost of ownership, the cost of operation, comes down. That's how we address the SMB market. That is the source of our success.”
Layering new technology alongside legacy tech with the best quality and reliability while reducing complexity is what Netgear does best.
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