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How Panasonic handhelds are modernizing critical yard operations

November 20, 2022

How Panasonic handhelds are modernizing critical yard operations
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Are you still relying on a guy in a golf cart with a clipboard to manage your yard?
This essential link in the supply chain is sometimes referred to as the “black hole.”
With driver shortages and rising cargo thefts, it’s more vital than ever to have the latest technology for yard operations that effortlessly syncs with your warehouse and transportation systems.
Shelby Skrhak dives into the high impact of Panasonic’s rugged handheld tech with Larry Bowar, senior business development manager, and Jim Dempsey, director of US Business Development & Partnerships.
  • The dangers of underinvesting in YMS
  • Panasonic’s comprehensive ecosystem for tightening your supply chain
  • Turning your yard operations into a finely choreographed dance

Perils of the old yard

Panasonic has been a beloved brand for over 100 years, but the company’s true strength lies in core component and battery manufacturing, with 95% of its revenue from the B2B market.
They’re bringing this engineering expertise and the latest technology to the rapidly evolving yard management space.
With a cacophony of trucks, shipments and labor all trying to get where they’re supposed to go—whether in the warehouse, at the port or in an immense distribution  center—bottlenecks build up quickly, especially if you’re still using clipboards, paper and radios.
This leads to a black hole in your supply chain where product and profit get lost and productivity screeches to a halt.

Creating a competitive advantage

The pandemic led to a seismic shift in how businesses needed to approach this essential link in the supply chain. Streamlining the information flow and increasing visibility became absolutely crucial in the face of labor shortages, scarce resources and a 91% rise in cargo theft.
Panasonic offers an impressive array of rugged all-in-one tools with real-time data capabilities that transform your operations management and increase your revenue.
Handhelds like their Toughbook seamlessly integrate warehouse management and yard operation systems. Panasonic Connect is leveraging Smart Edge tech, software and partners like Ingram Micro to present complete solutions to supply chain issues.

Controlling the journey

Lightweight and incredibly durable, these devices work anywhere on Wi-Fi or a 4G LTE platform, in the dead of winter, extreme summer heat or driving rain.
Panasonic also provides innovative hands-free tools that guide drivers through even the tightest spots, and versatile multimodal pads for the manager out in the field.
These elements are forming an evolving supply chain ecosystem that will soon see more drone technology, more automation and advances in robotics that will vastly improve communication and enable businesses to move products even faster.
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