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How one product request turned into a comprehensive solution

May 29, 2020

How one product request turned into a comprehensive solution
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It all started when a customer put in one product request. Now, CenterPoint Energy has a robust and fully optimized electrical infrastructure ready to take on the next three generations of technology.
How did Panduit do it? Director of Business Development, Jeff Paliga, tells Keri how comprehensive solutions are better for customers in the long run. Plus, he shares:
  • How Panduit provides customers with a clearer vision of their operations
  • 4 common challenges customers face when searching for the right IoT solutions
  • How hybrid IT can help businesses offer more to their customers for longer
 "We provide customers with the ability to accurately look deeper into their operations, driving down their operational expenditures." — Jeff Paliga

Turning one request into a comprehensive solution

CenterPoint Energy only had an interest in one of Panduit’s products, not realizing the electrical manufacturer had so much more to offer.
Luckily, Jeff’s team had that much knowledge and trust in their comprehensive solutions. They worked with CenterPoint to implement a robust infrastructure that would operate for waves of technological advancements to come.
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A lesson in hybrid IT       

Because Panduit is dedicated to innovation and testing out new technologies, they’re able to pair the right customers with the right solutions.
Moreover, the team at Panduit realizes how powerful advanced technologies can be when joining forces. The combination of IoT, Edge computing, the cloud, and more is what Jeff likes to call hybrid IT.
"Hybrid IT will give customers the ability to utilize a dynamic, best-in-class approach to deliver business value." — Jeff Paliga
He explains that these technologies don’t have to replace one another; they actually complement each other.
Plus, together, these solutions help customers address four common challenges: 
  1. Consistency
  2. Reliability
  3. Security
  4. Remote management

Help Panduit help your customers

Comprehensive solutions—like the one Panduit provided for CenterPoint—tend to be better for the customer in the long run. Yes, there’s more capital to be spent upfront. However, consider all the money CenterPoint will save from not having to replace their electrical infrastructure every time a new technology comes out.
Discover all the solutions Panduit can offer your customers today.

Find Panduit’s Data Center here and the CenterPoint case study here.