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How one partner digitized the Vatican Apostolic Library

June 26, 2020

How one partner digitized the Vatican Apostolic Library
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Digital transformation might be the last term you’d associate with one of the oldest operating libraries in the world.
However, with some of the most fragile historical artifacts ever discovered, the Vatican Apostolic Library needed a secure and reliable method of preservation.
Enter Jeff Paliga, Director of Business Development at Panduit and his team, who helped this very special client digitize their extremely valuable collection.

"This project ran much deeper than a technology company just digitizing a tremendous amount of artifacts." — Jeff Paliga
You’re probably wondering…
“Why would the Vatican Apostolic Library need help from an IT infrastructure company?”
Two words: Manuscript digitization.

Manuscript digitization

The artifacts in the Vatican Apostolic Library are extremely old and fragile. The manuscripts, books and other artifacts are to be handled as little as possible.
However, the library still wanted the public to be able to access the information within those documents.
The library needed a partner to transform the physical database of artifacts into a digital one. Panduit was up to the task.

Equipment for historic preservation

As you can imagine, the task of transforming each artifact into a digital file was going to be very tedious, requiring a lot of special equipment.
The equipment Panduit used included…
  • Universal hot aisle containment system
  • 10 data center cabinets
  • Branded smart zone power distribution unit
  • Multiple types of sensors for temperature, humidity, security and more
With the help of the specialized equipment, three things remained of the utmost importance all throughout the project:
  1. Temperature control
  2. Security
  3. High-capacity storage
Paying close attention to these three components has made it possible for the Vatican Apostolic Library to maintain the same digital infrastructure for years to come.
See the entire case study. Hear more about Panduit in ep. 61 with Jeff Paliga .