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How Microsoft Surface powers the modern SMB workplace | As the Gear Turns

May 12, 2021

How Microsoft Surface powers the modern SMB workplace | As the Gear Turns
powered by Sounder

Microsoft has a major new initiative to “Get Modern.” With the Surface Laptop, Microsoft empowers SMBs to bring the modern workplace to life.
In this As the Gears Turn edition, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Kristin Friend, Partner Development Manager at Microsoft, about:
  • 3 things Surface partners should be focusing on
  • 5 challenges partners are facing
  • Partner and customer benefits
  • What’s new with the Surface Laptop 4
  • Steps to become an authorized reseller for Microsoft

3 things to focus on for Surface partners

  1. Deployment - Every single Surface device has Windows Autopilot implemented which makes device deployment a breeze and saves time and money.
  2. Management - With Windows 10 Pro, advanced exchange warranty service and the latest in modern manageability features, Microsoft helps reduce device and application performance tickets, meaning less downtime for employees.
  3. Security - Microsoft Surface and Microsoft 365 safeguards company data with automatic updates that ensure employees always have the latest security features. Plus, the Surface is secured from chip to cloud.

5 challenges partners are facing

  1. Increasingly complex IT environments due to the number of new devices connecting to the corporate network
  2. The need to provision and deploy devices remotely without sacrificing security
  3. The pressure to scale—bring devices to market faster and reduce costs
  4. The need to be flexible and productive and for employees to have a secure work environment
  5. Growing cyberthreats that require more advanced security across devices, user apps and data

Benefits to partners and customers

Microsoft Surface can help partners with profitability. By offering the device, the licensing, the partner’s services and industry-specific knowledge in one compelling package, partners can increase margins and find substantial profitability.
For customers, Microsoft 365-powered Surface devices enhance employee productivity, improve workforce collaboration and teamwork, increase network security and make device-related IT operations more efficient.

What’s new with the Surface Laptop 4

In one word: choice.
  • Diversified chipset
  • Choice between a custom AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface-edition processor and an Intel processor
  • Enhanced audio offering cinematic sound

How to become an authorized Microsoft reseller

There are two ways:
  • Become a full-fledged managed partner - The benefits are rebates, extra training and services like pricing programs. To make the jump, work with the Surface Champs at Ingram Micro.
  • One-off sales - Maybe you’re not typically a hardware player. That’s okay. Don’t turn away business. You can work with the Surface Champs on distribution and fill out a one-off authorization form. The only problem is you won’t get any of the extra profitability that comes with being an actual authorized partner.
For more information, contact the Surface Champs at microsoft-surface@ingrammicro.com or visit Microsoft Surface Partnership.