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How McAfee Enterprise meets the evolving security needs of businesses

August 26, 2021

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As our interactions with systems and data evolve, so do the security requirements of businesses.
Case in point: When the pandemic forced a sudden mass migration of employees to remote work, security needs shifted from protecting one office with thousands of employees to protecting thousands of home offices.
Shelby Skrhak talks with Brett Hannath,  CMO at McAfee Enterprise, about:
  • How security needs have changed
  • The growth of cloud-delivered solutions
  • Connecting to the Ingram Micro Cloud and AWS marketplaces

Changes in security needs

“The real estate of what we need to protect is very different today than it was,” says Brett.
Within a distributed environment, bad actors can now take over home networks to launch an attack on a company’s infrastructure.
“When you have that level of complexity, and ability of the bad actors to do some really damaging things, then obviously, those needs of a business, or an enterprise, or a government department really shift very quickly,” Brett says.


Cloud-delivered solutions

Subscription-based licensing options for security solutions are providing the flexibility businesses need as the workforce becomes increasingly distributed and virtual.
It’s no longer about downloading software or inserting a disc for installation.
Cloud as a delivery model saved the day at the onset of the pandemic. It meant that businesses could spin up a security solution quickly without having to go into their data center to install hardware and software.
“They could just spin up services in the cloud and have whole systems delivered through it,” Brett says.
It also meant that companies no longer had to worry about running all of the needed security infrastructure themselves.


Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

Earlier this year, McAfee Enterprise announced that through a global partnership with Ingram Micro, they now have enterprise level security on the Cloud Marketplace. That means it will be available in 11 additional countries.
“These cybersecurity issues are not just restricted to the U.S. and the U.K. and Germany,” Brett says. “We want to help everyone everywhere.”
Besides the business benefits of expanding their reach, this partnership will enable McAfee to reduce friction in the security deployment process for all their customers.
Reducing friction also means that resellers won’t have to dedicate time to designing, installing and configuring security solutions. That’s extra time that can be spent focusing on producing the perfect outcomes for their customers.
According to Brett, “if we start to reduce the complexity of purchasing and deploying security applications or tech, then obviously that helps the reseller focus on more value-added services.”
To learn more, visit the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and McAfee Enterprise.
Or contact the dedicated McAfee Enterprise team:
  • General questions and quotes: Tim Kuerzdoerfer, Sr. Solutions Specialist
  • Demos and technical inquiries: Pat Smith, Technical Consultant 

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