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How Logitech enables the work-from-anywhere future

March 11, 2022

How Logitech enables the work-from-anywhere future
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Pre-pandemic, 5% of the population was working remotely. During the pandemic, that number was up over 50%. Today, 85% of businesses plan to keep the workforce remote or create a modern hybrid workforce.
Logitech offers products, programs, and promotions to help people get set up and connected in this work-from-anywhere world.
In a special As the Gears Turn edition, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Marty Battaglia, head of SMB channel and video collaboration at Logitech, about:
  • Where Logitech is seeing success so far in 2022
  • Logitech products that enable work from anywhere
  • How Logitech is addressing supply chain issues

Success in 2022

For Logitech, success continues to be found in vertical markets.
“We’ve robustly developed a SLED and federal department to work not only with the reseller community, but also, engage with the end-user community to help drive sales and make sure we’re hearing the pulse of what partners need,” Marty says.
In addition, the SMB business is up 30% year over year—a testament to the dedicated work of Ingram Micro partners.

Enabling work from anywhere

A distributed workforce requires best-in-class communications, and Logitech provides solutions and services that help in that regard.
  • Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini for video
  • Tap Scheduler to help people connect to their meetings with one touch
  • AI-powered whiteboards for the classroom and home office
  • Logi Dock to help people navigate videoconferencing needs
  • Zone Wired and Wireless Earbuds
 “We have a vision about what video collaboration is and what it entails,” Marty says, “and we’ve been building on that for 40 years.”
If you’re not already a registered partner, head to the Logitech partner portal, answer some questions, select Ingram Micro as your primary distribution partner and you’ll be walked through everything Logitech does from a business perspective.

Supply chain issues

To lessen the impact of supply chain challenges, Logitech has invested in Salesforce and staffing a procurement team to get ahead of forecasting and distribution challenges.
“We’re really enhancing our engagement in that capacity with our suppliers and those who are helping us build the devices from a component standpoint,” Marty says.
The keys to success lie in demand planning and inventory management. The earlier Logitech is aware of an opportunity, the better the chances that they can deliver a solution in time.

Providing other solutions

Logitech can also offer solutions in areas where they might not be the first company that comes to mind—like docking stations, for example. And even if they can’t provide the entire solution, they may have alliances with manufacturers that can meet the need.
In any case, Logitech has your back.
“We’re trying to put the tools and resources in place and provide you with the education to solve for your partner’s needs,” Marty says.
For more information, contact logitechteam@ingrammicro.com or visit the Logitech partner portal.
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