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How LinkedIn supports B2B enterprise tech solutions

September 11, 2020

How LinkedIn supports B2B enterprise tech solutions
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Historically, the B2B IT industry has been a little behind the times in terms of networking and brand marketing.
Industry events—like Ingram Micro’s ONE event—have provided great networking opportunities for IT professionals. Even so, there are lots of chances to connect with peers and prospects beyond the typical conference experience.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, guest host James Carbary (founder and CEO of Sweet Fish Media) catches up with Jason Carriere, the IT channel sales leader at LinkedIn.
From the Ingram Micro ONE event, the two discuss how IT pros can leverage the power of LinkedIn’s platform to build awareness and convert leads.

“The beauty of LinkedIn is that it's fully scalable, it's very efficient.” - Jason Carriere

Build a marketing campaign in 12 minutes
Jason points out that it only takes B2B enterprise tech marketers 12–15 minutes to build a complete campaign on LinkedIn. Marketers can select everything from the content to the audience, the budget and the KPIs of the campaign.

Moreover, with the help of LinkedIn’s first-party data, B2B IT companies are able to target specific skills, job experiences, current positions and geographical locations.

Company brand vs. personal brand
As IT pros become more comfortable with LinkedIn as a networking and marketing platform, it’s important to note the differences between promoting a company brand and a personal brand.

Which should take priority?
How does one build a personal brand on LinkedIn?
Jason suggests mixing in some company brand promotion with your personal perspectives. However, keep in mind that you are a reflection of your company as well as your personal brand. If you decide to include company promo in your personal content, keep it educational.
Sharing your personal (professional) narratives on your LinkedIn profile can boost organic traffic for you and potentially for your company. People enjoy reading personal accounts of on-the-job challenges and triumphs.

Relatable, informative posts will drive more organic engagement than just trying to pitch your product or service.

Invest in brand building
Investing time into your brand will pay off in a larger community of members you can target with valuable content. You don’t have to be a scholar in the field to begin sharing your point of view and target leads.

To fully understand the value of marketing and networking on LinkedIn, start posting some relevant content to your personal profile. Every once in a while, loop it back to your company. After you’ve built a foundation of content and some credibility, try out the extensive targeting features LinkedIn has to offer.
“Companies that invest in their brand wisely and efficiently have a greater opportunity to grow and scale.” —Jason Carriere
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