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How Juniper is leveraging AI for the enterprise level

November 29, 2019

How Juniper is leveraging AI for the enterprise level
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Even in its humble beginnings, Juniper Networks was revolutionizing the internet. Now, it’s doing more than ever to “connect everything, empower everyone.”
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro, Juniper’s SE Manager, Brian Boche, shares with us how the team at Juniper and Mist is leveraging AI for the enterprise level.
He talks about:
  • Using AI to easily troubleshoot complex networks
  • The types of industries Juniper supports
  • Using SD-WAN to minimize your infrastructure footprint

Troubleshooting with AI

Brian lists several benefits of using AI to troubleshoot even the most complex networks:
  • It’s easier to decipher which device the problem has originated from
  • It’s simpler to identify exactly what the problem is
  • The entire user experience is improved during and after troubleshooting
  • There’s no downtime
"AI makes it easier to decipher where the problems are, who's having the problems and exactly what that problem is." - Brian Boche


Industries Juniper services

Juniper services a wide variety of industries, including: 
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Social media brands
  • Finance
Brian explains that Juniper’s mission is to connect everything and empower everyone while securing all information being shared.

SD-WAN services

Juniper offers a flexible infrastructure foundation that will help you deplete your enterprise’s physical footprint and optimize your digital presence through a secure VNF.
"Customers are tired of putting more boxes in the branch." - Brian Boche
Learn more at juniper.net