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How Intel Is Investing in Cloud Architecture

November 09, 2021

How Intel Is Investing in Cloud Architecture
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Although you may think of Intel as just a CPU company, the truth is that they have made major investments into cloud computing and have many technologies that you can take advantage of via the cloud.

As more and more data center workloads shift to cloud-based solutions, Intel continues to play a significant role in that industry.

Shelby Skrhak speaks with Peter Tea, Data Center Platform Specialist, and Christopher Creech, Sr. Technical Account Manager, both of Intel, about:

  • What Intel is doing with data centers today
  • How Intel is data-center agnostic for cloud, on-prem and hybrid
  • The strategy of Intel’s cloud architecture
  • How Intel is uniquely suited for the data center market

Data centers

“We want to deliver best-balanced performance,” Peter says, “and what that really means is the best workload experience for our customers and that means it goes way beyond the CPU.”

Although it goes beyond CPU, CPU remains one of the cornerstones of their strategy. The company is adding specific technologies into the CPU for where workloads are heading today.

Intel is also adding value to adjacent components. That includes things like Octane solid state drives, which are providing a larger memory footprint and higher reliability.

“But the real key on top of all of this is the software,” Peter says.

The software provided by Intel paves the way for an optimized experience with the hardware.


With things like oneAPI, Intel is helping developers and system builders design under one software platform, but run it anywhere, not just on Intel technology.

“Intel has worked very closely with the major cloud providers of the world to ensure that some of those technologies get passed through to the cloud instances you’re purchasing,” Christopher says. “That really allows you to do what you want, where you want.”

Cloud strategy

Intel has invested heavily in a ton of hardware and software engineering. In fact, the company employs 15,000 software engineers.

“It’s not just about selling them CPUs,” Peter says, “but it’s about taking advantage of some of the features, the adjacencies and the overall design.”

Uniquely suited

Although there are plenty of other offerings out there, Christopher believes that companies should choose Intel.

“One of the reasons to stick with Intel is certainly the feature set straight out of the gate,” he says.

Beyond that, Intel does a lot of work with independent software vendors.

According to Christopher, they do it “to make sure that the actual solutions people are using work better on their hardware.”

It’s a benefit that really cannot be understated.

“It goes back to the customer experience,” he says. “It’s about all the surrounding things that make the performance that much more reliable and that much more valuable for the customer.”

For more information, contact Christopher at christopher.creech@ingrammicro.com or visit Intel Cloud Computing.

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