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How Ingram Micro supports partners during the federal buying season

September 07, 2020

How Ingram Micro supports partners during the federal buying season
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This federal buying season, the federal government has more money than it knows what to do with. There are so many aspects that go into digital transformation strategy for just one organization; that’s why Ingram Micro has made it a priority to support partners selling to the Fed.
On this episode, Ed Potoczniak, Senior Account Executive at Ingram Micro, points out all the programs Ingram Micro offers partners who are interested in selling to the federal government. He also talks about:

"The largest IT customer in the world is the federal government. Anywhere from $90-$100 billion in IT ... You have to have the right solution set and the right contract vehicles." — Ed Potoczniak

Federal buying season resources
Whether you have experience selling to the Fed during this busy buying season or you’re looking to get in on the action, Ingram Micro offers a multitude of resources.

Business Transformation Center (BTC)
The BTC can assist you in any vertical you wish to tackle, including the federal government. BTC can also help you obtain a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, a requirement for many agencies (especially those within the Department of Defense).
System integrator relationships

Large consolidations have been trending, adding to the complexity and moving parts within enterprises, and the federal government hasn’t been immune.
To win a contract with the Fed, it helps to know the decision-makers involved. Oftentimes, Ingram Micro has already fostered relationships with system integrators and encourages partners to leverage those connections.
Trust X Alliance (TXA)
One of Ingram Micro’s greatest resources, Trust X Alliance is a community of partners who put competition aside in order to acquire more business than they could on their own.
Specifically, there’s a federal affinity group within TXA, tailored to serving partners during federal buying season.
Ingram Micro Partner Go
The Ingram Micro Partner Go program with Cisco offers a self-sufficient solution to winning federal contracts.
The sales cycle becomes virtually frictionless even when dealing with the federal government. Shorten up the time it takes to estimate, quote and order by getting involved with Ingram Micro Partner Go.
Find more on selling to the public sector, Section 889 compliance and 5 Keys to Being Successful During Fed Buying Season (ep. 93).
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