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How IGF helps partners grow their business | Financial Solutions

May 18, 2021

How IGF helps partners grow their business | Financial Solutions
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Change in the technology industry is inevitable. IBM Global Financing can give you the financial support you need to stay ahead of the curve.
In this podcast episode, Travis King speaks with Stacy Faile, Financial Client Executive for IBM Global Financing, and Lindsay Corbett, Solutions Development Executive for IBM Software at Ingram Micro, about:
  • Changes in financial solutions over the past year
  • How IGF supports the IBM business as well as the Red Hat business
  • Why proactive proposing is integral
  • Paths to success for new partners onboarding with Ingram Micro

How financial solutions have changed over the past year

Quick adjustments were needed to survive and, in some cases, thrive after the onset of the pandemic.
But with these quick adjustments came unexpected expenses.
IBM stepped in to provide financial support by offering deferrals, smoothing out payments, and helping partners adjust and modify their budget shortfalls.
Another change revolves around clients that historically paid cash in the past. During the pandemic, many started to consider payment plans for hardware and software subscriptions. They had to conserve cash given the volatility of the market, so they looked at payment options and signed large deals to survive.

How IBM Global Financing (IGF) supports businesses

IBM Global Financing supports the IBM business as well as the Red Hat business. So everything is built around helping leverage and sell more of those product solutions.
During the pandemic, IGF has been able to keep aggressive rates (at times as low as 0%), offer payment schedules and help partners lock into multi-year deals, which allows customers to take advantage of available product discounts.

Why proactively proposing financing is the key

Proactively proposing payment options up front on every deal allows partners to close more deals and lock clients into longer-term contracts without using their partner’s credit facility at Ingram Micro, all while maximizing available IBM rebates.
Early on in the customer conversation, you’re usually talking to procurement, especially if it’s a bigger organization. But it's the treasury that cares about cash and protecting cash.
So broaching the subject of financing options early allows IGF to start that conversation with the customer. And that leads to a winning solution for everybody involved in the transaction.

Path to success for new Ingram Micro partners

It can be a challenge for newer partners to establish payment terms during the onboarding process in their software solutions practice.
Ingram Micro shares its expertise and knowledge of the IBM brand to set up partners for resale success. The Ingram Micro Financial Solutions Group, which offers IGF as well as other flexible payment solutions, helps partners find creative and cost-effective ways to fulfill their customer’s technology and budgetary needs.
Learn more about the IBM Partner Ecosystem and Ingram Micro’s Financial Solutions. Hear how IBM Global Financing helped PacGenesis grow.