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How iboss helps customers handle SASE challenges

September 01, 2021

How iboss helps customers handle SASE challenges
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Even before the COVID pandemic began, businesses were trending toward the concept of work from anywhere. SASE platforms came about as a way to meet the changing requirements of these modern workforces.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Eric Cornelius, Chief Product Officer at iboss, about:
  • The philosophy behind a SASE platform
  • 5 steps for starting your journey
  • What makes iboss SASE products unique

SASE platforms

SASE stands for secure access service edge. The philosophy behind these products revolves around the idea that remote workers need a platform to connect to their resources securely, from wherever they’re at, while still providing visibility and control to network and security teams.
To put it simply, SASE platforms are empowering cloud transformation.

Starting your SASE journey

At a high level, realize that the industry is on the verge of a tectonic shift in the way that networking happens.
“For the last 30+ years, we’ve been building more hardware, more boxes, more feeds, more speeds, all based out of the office building,” Eric says.
With the emergence of cloud apps and distributed workforces, all of a sudden neither the employees, nor the resources they need, are hosted in the office building.
This has led to a simple question—can we really maintain this paradigm of having a bunch of hardware stacked up in office buildings?
That’s where SASE comes in.
“This is an opportunity to completely re-architect, to simplify, to really gain a lot of the benefits of this more modern approach,” Eric says.
Here are 5 steps you can take to start your journey.
  1. Take inventory of your network architecture - Ask yourself is it meeting our needs?
  2. Consolidate vendors - Simplify under a single pane of glass.
  3. Adopt zero trust - Adopt tech that allows you to verify the legitimacy of every connection.
  4. Eliminate VPNs - Eliminate this huge security vulnerability.
  5. Gain visibility and control - Even under the new paradigm, maintain visibility and control over your security.

iboss SASE products

What makes iboss SASE products unique comes down to one thing: design philosophy. It’s all about the critical capabilities that SASE platforms provide.
For example, to have a dedicated IP address on a gateway by gateway basis, you have to have containerized gateways. iboss provides the only SASE platform that has containerized architecture.
As a result, the platform can infinitely scale within a customer environment. It allows for dedicated storage of sensitive customer information and seamless end-to-end troubleshooting.
That’s just not something you’ll find in other SASE platforms.
For more information, reach out to Jennifer Coric or visit iboss.com/business.