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How IBM Expert Care uses AI to deliver customizable support and predictive coverage

December 13, 2022

How IBM Expert Care uses AI to deliver customizable support and predictive coverage
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Downtime causes businesses to lose massive amounts of revenue every year.
What if you could eliminate it by leveraging a proactive IT support staff backed by the enterprise brand name, one of the most extensive AI infrastructures in the world—and available with customizable levels of service?
Brian Weltens, principal technical sales specialist at IBM, joins podcast host Shelby Skrhak to take a deeper look into Expert Care:
  • An affordable tiered support structure
  • Predictive response
  • Improving business outcomes
 IBM’s comprehensive and predictive coverage enables your clients to streamline their processes and focus on their strengths.

Good, better, best

Brian has been with IBM for over 25 years, and his team works directly with clients, sellers and partners to understand their needs and deliver effective targeted solutions.
With cybercrime on the rise and a worsening IT labor shortage, many organizations are overstretching their resources and struggling to protect their cloud and on-prem assets.
IBM Expert Care offers three distinct levels of service across its full line of products: Basic, Advanced and Premium. This increases accessibility for small and medium-sized businesses, giving them the benefits of cutting-edge tech support without busting the budget.
“When our hardware is really focused in our SMB markets,” Brian emphasizes, “then our services from a price perspective will be in alignment.”

Smart alerts

This unique support platform utilizes IBM’s existing AI infrastructure to create smarter alerts and layer on predictive coverage.
Paired with an enhanced response window and dedicated account management, Expert Care aims to eliminate outages and costly downtime while providing both security and peace of mind.
“When we talk about our predictive response, what we're really trying to do is leverage our overall call home functionality,” Brian states. This regular check-up with the Ai-powered support environment reviews code loads and predicts potential disruption areas so clients can problem-solve proactively.

White glove service

“From an end-user perspective, the main benefit is simplification,” Brian points out. He encourages Ingram Micro partners to work with their clients to review their real IT needs and ensure their most critical devices are covered.
Expert Care offers a customizable menu that combines hardware and services for increased speed and added value. They’re pulling everything together into a single conversation.
Slow response times drive customer dissatisfaction—but IBM is laser-focused on continuously improving the hybrid cloud model so companies can deploy their resources on what they do best. This will improve business outcomes and positively affect the bottom line.
“IBM is in a position to really help supplement our clients’ IT staff,” Brian says, and “our business partners are well-versed and can answer any questions you might have on Expert Care.”
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