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How HP Notebooks are delivering ROH (return on happiness)

HP’s Z Book and Elite Notebooks are custom designed for 6 different personas

October 21, 2020

How HP Notebooks are delivering ROH (return on happiness)
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What’s more important than ROI? That’d be ROH (return on happiness).
Find out why ROH beats out ROI.
In this episode of #B2BTechTalk, host Keri interviews Larren Kingsford, HP Channel Notebook Product Manager, about happiness, sustainability and Elite Notebooks.
Listen in as we discuss:
  • ROI versus ROH
  • How HP is doubling down on sustainability
  • What persona-focused notebooks look like
  • How work from home has shifted our notebook needs
<“We're innovating to make sure that our customers have a good computing experience and that we're solving their problems.” — Larren Kingsford>
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ROH: Return on Happiness

An HP director coined the term “ROH” to show that HP is trying to design products for people to make their computing experience the best one possible.
It’s an orientation toward customer experience that touches both design and sustainability.
ROH means that not only customers are happier, but the environment is, too.
HP is making the environment happier by:
  • Using ocean-bound plastics in product construction
  • Having 100% recyclable packaging
Return on happiness and return on investment actually share a lot of DNA.
Both are involved in understanding how customers are using their PC and for what goals.
That leads us to personas.

Customer persona-based design

HP has always paid attention to the different types of workers in a workplace. Now, that concept is just multiplied out to the ways we use our computers while working at home.
“Persona” here means the type of person and what they care about most as part of their job function.
  • Mobile Trailblazer—focused on a thin/light device and battery life
  • Cloud Native—focused on work and entertainment on same device
  • Professional Creator—focused on a powerful PC to run many apps simultaneously
HP designed different notebooks to offer what each persona cares about most.
  • Z Book 1000 series—appeals to Mobile Trailblazers because it is powerful and lightweight
  • Z Book Create—appeals to Cloud Natives because of its NVIDIA GeForce card
  • Elite Notebook—appeals to Professional Creators as a powerhouse geared toward collaboration
However, the 2 things everyone has been needing since March 2020 are…
  1. Mobility: We need to dock and undock to move around the home office frequently.
  2. Security: Employers and employees are focused on keeping data safe.
Larren said anyone could use an Elite notebook and have a huge ROH.
The Elite series offers the best of everything: security, reliability, testing and support.

Where is technology going in the next year?

There will be a lot more people splitting their work time between the home and the office. People will need at least 3 docks: in the office, for travel and at home—as well as superior videoconferencing tech.
See HP Elite offerings here
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