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How enterprises and SMBs can leverage the IBM Cloud

August 10, 2020

How enterprises and SMBs can leverage the IBM Cloud
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Just three years ago, IBM was completely overlooked as a disruptor in the cloud space. Now, not only is IBM one of the top three cloud providers in the world, it’s spearheading multi-cloud management.
Global tech executive and chief evangelist, Pavel Ferreri, shares how enterprises and small businesses alike can leverage IBM Cloud services. Pavel also covers:
  • The disruption IBM made and is still making in the cloud space
  • Why companies today should not be leveraging only one cloud provider
  • What the new multi-cloud reality has in store for businesses
Why IBM Cloud?
"Any and every small business can benefit from having the ability to scale up and down with the top security and the level of sophistication that any enterprise would demand." — Pavel Ferreri
The old IBM
Not even five years ago, IBM was deemed an out-of-touch grandfather of the tech world. Analysts disregarded the company as a tech giant that would never take hold of a top spot in the cloud providing space.
Understandably, customers took the hint. Even though IBM was offering its own cloud services, the market just wasn’t interested.

IBM now
Just like they’d done many times before, IBM pivoted.
Even though it’d been in business far longer than any of its cloud competitors, IBM knew that in order to get back on top, it had to make some very strategic investments.

Red Hat
Hence, the acquisition of Red Hat, an open source tech platform.

“Joining forces with IBM gives Red Hat the opportunity to bring more open source innovation to an even broader range of organizations and will enable us to scale to meet the need for hybrid cloud solutions that deliver true choice and agility.” — Jim Whitehurst, President & CEO, Red Hat
Choice and agility, indeed.
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Now, IBM is one of the top three cloud providers in the world and is putting billions of dollars toward the advancement of:
  • Multi-cloud management
  • Open source technology
  • IoT and edge computing
  • Enterprise-rate capabilities for all

Enterprises and SMBs
Although IBM has catapulted its way back into the mainstream, it has not forgotten the lifeblood of the tech industry: small businesses.

While IBM can offer enterprises the agility and flexibility of a small startup, it provides SMBs with the capabilities, sophistication, security and service that enterprises have come to expect.
Want to learn more about how IBM can catapult your business into the future? Feel free to contact Ingram Micro’s IBM specialist, Donald Oehman.
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