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How Citrix adds value to Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

September 29, 2020

How Citrix adds value to Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop
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You don’t need that extra shot of espresso. But it sure helps.
That’s what Citrix is for the Azure-based Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)—that extra kick.
Citrix Technology Consultant Ryan Friess joins Keri today to discuss the relationship between Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop, in addition to…
  "Whether you’re a Microsoft or Citrix partner, it's going to be important to understand how the solutions work together." — Ryan Friess

Citrix + Microsoft: The partnership

Is anything sweeter than a brand new marriage? Citrix and Microsoft decided to get hitched and it’s great for both sides.
Here’s what they’re doing for each other:
Citrix on Microsoft Azure Citrix for Office 365 To sum up the value-adds Citrix brings to the partnership, here are the three major benefits:
  1. Agility
  2. Simplicity
  3. Security
Running Office 365—and WVD in particular—just wouldn’t be the same without Citrix.

Ingram Micro wants to help you

As a partner with Microsoft, Citrix, or both, you should understand in full how the relationship affects your customers. Make it a priority to know about the joint solutions that are going to empower your customers and their employees.
It’s for this reason that Ingram Micro has jumped in full force to help partners offer the most value possible.
Ingram Micro offers numerous services to its partners. Need help with marketing the new joint solutions from Citrix and Microsoft? No problem.
Need some sales support? We got you.

The future of technology

After a socially distanced visit to Disney World, Ryan is optimistic about the future of technology for businesses.
At about 30% capacity, Disney offered “virtual lines,” digital menus and ordering through an app.
Of course, most companies aren’t as large (and wealthy) as Disney, but Ryan sees SMBs following suit in the coming year.
Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn or email him at ryan.friess@ingrammicro.com.
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