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How Cisco’s Solutions in a Box helps partners meet challenges in education

January 29, 2021

How Cisco’s Solutions in a Box helps partners meet challenges in education
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Education is under pressure to evolve faster than ever before, especially with the rise of fully remote learning.
Education customers are planning for a future that incorporates distance learning, IoT-driven smart classrooms, high-speed connectivity and more, all delivered in a secure environment that offers equitable access to every student.
Those are big asks, but Cisco and Ingram Micro are here to help partners rise to the challenge.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri Roberts is joined by Nicole Dziedzic, a senior vendor business manager for Cisco at Ingram Micro, and Jonathan Zemrac, a senior manager of consulting and enablement services at Ingram Micro, to discuss how Cisco’s Solutions in a Box helps guide partners as they position education solutions to deliver the business outcomes their customers need.
They also discuss:
  • Struggles the education system is currently facing
  • Trends in education for both the near and distant future
  • How technology plays a role in social-emotional learning
  • How Solutions in a Box works and what’s included
  • Where tech is going in the next year, particularly in the education space  

Struggles within the education system

The education system continues to face significant challenges in adapting to a remote environment. How can they best educate students virtually? What technologies can they use to educate parents and faculty? How can they ensure documents are processing safely and work is being completed on time? These are all questions that must be answered.
One of the biggest struggles within the education system currently is a lack of IT-trained professionals; this includes teachers, administrators and IT staff. Lack of quality IT staffing, along with budget limitations, is a key roadblock to remote education progress.

Current trends in education

The most common format for learning post-pandemic is the hybrid model where students learn both on-site and online. With new remote capabilities come new discussions around what the future of education looks like. Now that schools are learning how to make virtual environments more efficient, there will be a greater need for remote access, collaboration tools and security.
There’s also a deep need for personalized learning. When the pandemic first hit and schools rushed to flip to a remote setting, there were very limited options for different learning styles. But being able to adapt learning to what works best for each student is going to be extremely important moving forward.

Technology’s role in social-emotional learning

Schools impact a child’s development in more areas than just education: for many students, schools are a safe space and give them structure. That really affects their behavioral and mental health in addition to their academic health.
Cloud-based learning tools, with a proper focus on security and infrastructure, are going to be critical to supplementing social-emotional learning. Enabling schools to better utilize collaboration tools like Webex Teams and Webex Meetings really fosters structure and helps schools ensure that social-emotional development continues with a hybrid learning model.

How Solutions in a Box serves educators

Education and business struggles alike are inspiring the need for new, personalized digital solutions.
Education customers are planning for a future that incorporates not only distance learning, but also IoT-driven smart classrooms, high-speed connectivity and more.
Given these challenges, Cisco and Ingram Micro created a solution within their ecosystem to help bring an end-to-end, outcome-based solution out to market. The result: Solutions in a Box.
Solutions in a Box is a multi-vendor offering based on business outcomes. Building an outcome-based solution, combined with researching future growth and ever-changing technology, is critical for a partner to achieve maximum ROI. Solutions in a Box offers teachers and students solutions encompassing anything from Lenovo laptops, Microsoft Office 365, Cisco Webex, to software support and security tailored to specific needs.
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