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How Cisco Is Making Office Spaces Safer

November 05, 2020

How Cisco Is Making Office Spaces Safer
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Most companies are going through a refresh phase due to COVID-19 and pivoting from remote work to an office/remote hybrid.

With employees going back to the office, businesses need to have the right tools in place to ensure employee safety and overall organizational health.

In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri Roberts catches up with…

The four discuss:

  • What security and business resilience looks like during a pandemic
  • How Cisco is helping organizations go back to office spaces safely
  • How Ingram Micro makes the transition from home to office stress free

The Current Climate of Office Work

Many companies are currently going back to the office, planning to go back to the office, or examining office/remote hybrid approaches.

How do businesses maintain normal business when the current environment is anything but normal?

It’s in the way they adapt.

Businesses need to weigh the risks of COVID-19 and make the best decisions based on how they can allay those risks realistically. No matter what, they need to have the tools necessary to avert risks and to flourish, including a secure network and collaboration tools. Every network, no matter where employees are working from, should be secure.

How Cisco Makes Office Spaces Safer

Businesses will have to carefully evaluate the environment their workers are returning to. In order to ensure employee safety, they have to make offices touchless in nearly every way, especially main meeting rooms. But how?

Cisco offers many unique product features that allow employees to work with minimal physical touch. These features include:

The Cisco Webex Teams App
In the Cisco Webex Teams app, there is an integrated proximity feature that automatically allows a team member to be recognized by the specific video device that’s in a specific meeting room. This allows them to host the meeting and share content virtually.

The Webex Assistant
Integrated into Cisco devices, this feature responds to voice commands, so team members don’t have to touch any devices. It also transcribes notes and allows them to send action items to other team members.

IoT Sensors
There is an IoT sensor built into the touch panel device that goes onto a meeting desk. It collaborates with Cisco’s control hub (the management tool used for Webex) and the Webex cameras in the room to provide analytics on the room. This allows team members to set capacity for a specific room and receive an alert on the screen notifying them when they’ve hit capacity.

Making Remote and Onsite Secure and Stress Free

Network security is generally thought of as complicated, but Cisco is making it easier for businesses to manage.

Thanks to this network security, employees are able to utilize the integrated features that allow them to work in the office without risking picking up surface-dwelling viruses and enable them to socially distance.

Ingram Micro helps make both remote and office work easy and stress free. Ingram Micro’s Business Transformation Center can be utilized virtually, and has the ability to help organizations test any type of product needed to make businesses safer, more efficient, and more resilient.


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