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How bundling solves basically every WFH issue

A bundle offering is way, way better than a single vertical, especially for WFH. Here’s why.

December 08, 2020

How bundling solves basically every WFH issue
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A bundle offering is way, way better than a single vertical, especially for WFH.
It allows partners access to a top-level product (like Webex meetings) plus the security that’s so essential in our WFH environment. This bundle approach allows the partner to pick different options to address multiple verticals with a solution that solves a business proficiency issue.
In this episode, Keri Roberts interviews Collin Rauen, senior channel account specialist at Ingram Micro; Mike Brooks, sales business development manager collaboration at Cisco; and Marc Nagao, America's distribution security business development at Cisco.
Topics they hit on:
  • Cisco’s secure WFH approach
  • Webex meetings are more than just meetings
  • The cross-solution approach to bundling
“COVID has pushed to the forefront other offers and other solutions that didn't necessarily require a firewall.” — Marc Nagao

All about bundling

With bundles, partners get to pick different options to address multiple verticals. For example, secure remote work could be solved by Webex plus a security option. Bam.
Regarding security, while firewalls are always the basis for good security, they aren’t the only option. Don’t forget that Cisco bundles DUO, CMD or UMBRELLA.
Quick shoutout about Webex, Cisco’s video and audio conferencing platform. It’s more than meetings. There’s a top-notch Webex assistant that’s not to be overlooked, plus so much more.

Cisco’s Collaboration Flex Plan

The plan comes with cloud calling and meetings on a per-user rate with no minimum to purchase.
As they stepped into the cloud model for this flex plan, Cisco introduced the Flex 3.0 model— what you're ultimately gaining is predictability and simplicity.
  • Both on-premise and cloud calling and meetings
  • Easier licensing with the annuity model
  • Option to migrate 100% to cloud anytime
Bottom line: Predictability on the pricing and easy migration to the cloud make Flex 3.0 the most superior version yet.

The cross-solution approach

Security is on our minds more and more these days with remote/WFH environments.
A lot of partners can get stuck in one architecture—but what if you could become an expert in not just one but many technologies, especially security?
With WFH, the siloed approach we used to take is gone forever. Now we need to bring both collaboration and security together in a cross-solution approach that implements seamlessly.
You need a performance network for good collaboration, and you need a secure network to have a good performance network.

What will WFH technology look like in the next year?

Mike: The hybrid WFH model is here to stay, so collaboration tools will allow everybody to shine.
Marc: Look for big breakthroughs in security and networking in 2021.
Collin: Fewer face-to-face meetings means more video solutions, even after the pandemic.
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To learn more, contact Collin Rauen.