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How Brother Supports the Way Work Now Works

August 23, 2021

How Brother Supports the Way Work Now Works
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The way we work now is different. Whether your workforce is at home, in the office, or hybrid, it’s time to optimize your print environment for this new reality.

Shelby Skrhak speaks with Jennifer Smith, Senior Manager of Channel Marketing US Distribution for Brother, about:

  • Challenges companies faced during work environment transitions
  • Product solutions from Brother
  • How these devices support a safe work environment
  • How Brother helps companies assess their needs

Challenges companies faced

When companies made the decision to transition to work from home, the biggest challenge was giving employees the same access to equipment at home as they had when they were in the office.

Product shortages and logistics difficulties compounded that challenge.

Now, as companies are moving towards a hybrid model—with some workers at home, some in the office, and some splitting time between the two—new challenges have emerged:

  • Given the need for social distancing, large printers shared by a large number of employees are no longer a practical strategy
  • Scheduling office vendor events is more difficult because workers are no longer in the office at the same time
  • Maintaining cyber security

Product solutions

In light of the current work environment, employers should consider two scenarios:

  • Printers on all desks
  • Printer pods dedicated to and within close proximity of an appropriate number of work groups

Brother recommends the Brother Workhorse Series Portfolio of channel-protected A4 printers and all-in-ones.

Supporting a safe work environment

“These robust, powerful devices offer features to help minimize contact with the device,” Jennifer says.

  • Print job release via a company badge or mobile phone (no need to touch the device)
  • Workflow shortcuts to minimize panel contact
  • Remote management that also reduces contact with the device

Not only do these devices promote safety within the workplace, they also offer a low total cost of ownership, a more compact footprint, and triple layer security.

Needs assessments

A consultative approach is key to uncovering customer needs. Brother authorized resellers should ask customers questions like:

  • How many employees do you have in the office?
  • What is the average employee work group size in the company now?
  • What are the color vs. monochrome print volumes in each department? Do they vary?
  • How many A3 and/or A4 printing devices do you have now? Where are they located?

Brother has a managed print services assessment team that can assist.

The team can help map out the physical location of each print device on site, interview employees regarding their printing needs, and provide recommendations to help reduce costs, improve processes, and standardize operations.

For more information, contact John Haberman, Solutions Sales Executive for       Ingram Micro at john.haberman@ingrammicro.com.