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How Bitdefender EDR provides reliable protection against cyber risks to SMBs

December 28, 2021

How Bitdefender EDR provides reliable protection against cyber risks to SMBs
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SMBs are under attack, which is why it’s essential that owners invest in reliable protection against cyber risks.  

Bitdefender’s Endpoint and Response (EDR) platform can save the day.
In a special As the Gears Turn edition, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash talk with Michael Reeves, technical director, MSP and cloud at Bitdefender, about:

  • How Bitdefender is investing in EDR
  • Three critical areas for a good security architecture
  • Special services for the SMB space

EDR investments

“Malicious actors have become automated,” Michael says, “so they have platforms that they can use to affect a wide variety of businesses, including SMBs, in a very simplistic way.”
Bitdefender saw these malicious tools entering the market and started to make heavy investments into EDR.
EDR has two capabilities:
  1. Visualization: The ability to know whether you’re being attacked or not
  2. Response: The ability to respond to attacks either in an automated way or through human response
 Nowadays, you can handle the human response remotely.
For example, in the past, you would have had to pull the network cable out from the computer, server or workstation. Now, you can do that through the EDR console and protect the endpoint from further damage.
So, how is Bitdefender investing in EDR?
“Bitdefender is investing in making it simpler for small and medium businesses, and MSPs to consume it,” Michael says.
Alert fatigue is a very real challenge. Bitdefender’s platform will help:
  • Explain what each of those threats are
  • Show how the threats are related
  • Bring in other sources of information to give you a full picture

Three pillars of a good security architecture

According to Michael, there are three areas that business owners should take a look at to ensure an effective security architecture.
  • Prevention: Automated security systems like antivirus software or endpoint security software
  • Detection and response: Identifying and impacting a threat in your environment in a defensive way, a platform like EDR
  • System hardening: The area in most businesses—especially small businesses— that is easiest to penetrate, behavior like making sure you use a different password for every account
 “You want to have all three legs of that stool working well to ensure that your business is secure against malicious actors,” Michael says.

SMB services

The Cloud Security for MSP product was built specifically with SMBs in mind.
It’s simple to use, automated and you can easily integrate it with your platforms.
“We’ve taken very high-grade, enterprise-type security products and we have simplified the front end of them,” Michael says.
With it, you can cover the endpoint, the web, networking and email, and you’ve got built-in EDR and integrations with various SOC services.
“It's offered in a very easily consumed monthly billable option that you can deploy out very simply into your environment,” Michael says.
For more information, reach out to Lisa Waite, Michael or visit Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud MSP Security.
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