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How Aruba sold over 1M Wi-Fi 6 units

Aruba has sold over 1M Wi-Fi 6 units. Learn how they did it on B2B Tech Talk.

January 15, 2021

How Aruba sold over 1M Wi-Fi 6 units
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Originally a wireless company, Aruba Networks has become synonymous with customer care and innovation. It’s this dedication to customers and driving wireless forward that pushed Aruba to the top of their industry last year.
In episode 169, Keri speaks with Aruba Partner Business Manager, Dave Moretta, about…

Aruba Networks: The Ingram Micro Distributor of the Year

Although Aruba was awarded the Distributor of the Year in 2020, it’s been years in the making.
After the wireless company was acquired by HP in 2015, Aruba was able to offer a fuller line of wireless solutions. Having a more robust catalog allowed them to focus more on the customer. And that’s what they’ve done.
Dave shares an integral company value for Aruba: Customer first, customer last. With their dedication to cutting-edge solutions and especially to their customers, Aruba has been able to sell over one million units of Wi-Fi 6.

Aruba’s future

Already, Aruba has surpassed the goals they had set for this time. For the rest of 2021, Dave explains that new products will be entering the arena, like Aruba ESP, an industry-leading AI for network security.
He also urges Ingram Micro partners to look into Aruba Go, a new community offering training, exclusive demos, engineering support discounts and more.

The Fast Five

As a part of the President’s Club Series, we’re asking guests to answer five rapid-fire questions about 2020 and the future of technology.

Q: What are the biggest benefits of being in the President’s Club?

A: It’s an investment that has been so worthwhile for Aruba. It’s been so valuable. I love the close interaction that it gives us with the sales team.

Q: What’s been the most inspirational book you read this year?

A: Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines

Q: What was your favorite show or movie that you binged during lockdown?

A: It has to be Yellowstone.

Q: What was the biggest lesson that you learned either personally or professionally in 2020?

A: We all know that 2020 is probably one of the worst years hands down in our lifetime. We have to continually be thinking about our neighbors, our friends, strangers—anybody who you think could need a lift.

Q: In one word, where do you see technology going within the next year?

A: It’s going up. Get on board.

Learn more about Aruba cloud network management and operations. Reach out to Dave at dlm@hp.com.